Wondershare Filmora 9 – The Best Alternative To iMovie

Wondershare Filmora 9 – The Best Alternative To iMovie

What is the common point of the famous Instagram influencer, popular YouTubers, and successful digital marketer? All of them have great video content. A stunning video can value thousands of followers, engage more viewers, and millions of sales. You don’t really need to take a special editing course to create an impressive video. It is better, but not that necessary. What you need the most is a sprinkle of creativity and the perfect video editing software with an easy-to-use interface like iMovie. Otherwise, try Filmora 9 from Wondershare. It is the best alternative to iMovie for Mac and Windows.

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Wondershare Filmora 9 – The Best Alternative To iMovie


Wondershare Filmora 9 is made for all creators. From a business presentation video, digital marketing to YouTube content. From beginners to semi-professionals.

Filmora 9 Vs iMovie

If you are familiar with iMovie, you may not need too much effort using Filmora 9.  At a glance, the interface of Filmora 9 and iMovie are quite similar. The preview window and media library are placed side by side on the upper part of the window, while the timeline panel lies on the lower. You can easily drag and drop the photos, videos, and music to the timeline panel.

iMovie is well known as a video-editing program with an intuitive and user-friendly interface. So is Filmora 9. However, there are some differences between these video editing software. iMovie is made for macOS and iOS users only, while Filmora 9 can be installed on Windows and macOS.

iMovie wins over Filmora 9 in terms of pricing and the fact it is free for Mac users. Even so, Filmora 9 has more theme collection, video effects, and advanced features to support your creativity. If you don’t mind having a watermark, they also offer a free version. This video-editing program from Wondershare also lets you do screen recording or record from your webcam. It is the thing that iMovie does not allow. Therefore, if you are looking for the best alternative to iMovie, Wondershare Filmora 9 can be the one.

Basic Editing To Semi-pro

With more than 300 video effects, various preset effects, filters, transitions, overlays, and titles, Filmora 9 will help you to create an outstanding presentation slideshow or video with a little effort. You can even insert voice over into the video you make.

If you need a background sound for your video, just click the Audio tab to open the collection of royalty-free music and sound effects. You can also rely on Filmora 9 to stabilize your shaky video and fix the distortion in videos captured by a fisheye lens.

Talking about semi-pro, have you ever wondered how the popular Zach King videos are made? The key point of Zach King videos like quick change clothes tricks is how they edit the video and what video-editing program they use. Filmora 9 allows you to edit the video to get the flawless Zach King video. Editing video using Filmora 9 is not only simple and fast but also fun.

When you start enjoying it, try to take your creativity to the next level. Challenge your self to make a creative video using its Chroma key feature. This feature can remove the green background and replace it with any background you want. Don’t worry if you are a beginner because Filmora 9 is designed to be as simple as possible so that all creators can use it. Even if it is the first time for you to use a video editing program.

Create A Split Screen Video Easier

Filmora 9 has around 30 split-screen preset templates that let you play back up to 6 clips at once. This way, you can create a multi-screen music video or makeup tutorial easier and faster. You will find these presets on the Split Screen tab. Maybe we can discuss how to create a split-screen using Filmora 9 in the next article.

Wrapping up

Filmora 9 from Wondershare is more than just a simple and easy-to-use video editing program. It can be the perfect tool to improve your editing skill as well. That is why it can be the best alternative to iMovie for Mac and Windows. To get a full editing experience and remove a watermark, you just need to spend $39.99/year. For a better option, select their lifetime plan instead, it costs $69.99.

If you love to challenge yourself, you can join their video contest. You will get a chance to show up your editing skill and win camera gears like a 360 camera, drones, and stabilizers as the prizes. They launch video contests frequently with different themes. For this period, they have a Green Screen video contest. You are challenged to create a video using Filmora 9 Chroma Key feature. Are you interested?