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With Your iPhone, Eyeware Beam Can Track Your Eye Movement While Playing Games

The Eyeware Beam is an app that can be installed on iOS devices and uses the TrueDepth camera system to enable users to track the movement of their head and/or eyes when you play a game on your PC.

The Eyeware Beam happens to be the first consumer product developed and launched by Eyeware. The app has been developed with the aim of making the process of head and eye tracking more convenient for the users and eliminating the requirement of investing in a separate system for this process. The app uses Face ID to carry out this function.

The app utilizes a specialized technology that helps in tracking eye and head movement while playing games. This particular technology is quite different from the functions or features that you come across in AR Kit. The camera array at the front is as adept at tracking eye movement as it is in head movement. The app sends the information that it procures to the software running on a PC.

There are a variety of ways in which different kinds of people can use it to their advantage. Social media influencers who create ‘reaction videos’ or similar type of content could use this app to look for content that is topical or ‘trending’ on social media. Eye-tracking could also help gamers in observing minute details on different parts of the screen while playing a game on their PC. Because of this one aspect, this is an app most serious gamers would like to use.

The head tracking feature also comes in handy when the user is playing games that take into account the body movements of the player. For example, when the player tilts his head towards the left, the character in the game replicates the same action.

The app also enables the iPhone or iPad Pro to function as a virtual camera while doing video calls or streaming a game. It also makes it convenient to use a high-resolution camera to operate like a webcam.

According to reports, the company is currently testing a private beta version of the app and is expected to launch it in the public domain shortly. The current version of the app is said to perform very well on Apple devices like Phone XS, iPhone XR, iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPad Pro. Once the final version releases, it should work fairly well with any device featuring Face ID.

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