With Samsung Galaxy S10 you will no Longer Need a Screen Replacement

The Unbreakable Panel by Samsung was announced today on Pocketnow Daily. This screen is most likely to be featured on the company’s foldable smartphone and be released at the same time as Galaxy S10.

How strong is it?

Finally what we have waited for is brought by Samsung. Their innovation is an OLED display panel which cannot be broken, and it is super flexible. In fact, it was certified by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) and has the ability to surpass US military durability standards. It is soon to be coming on devices such as tablets and smartphones. Probably some other companies will follow the South company’s steps.

The flexible display we have at the moment is covered with glass so they can break if you drop them. And if you take part in the group of people who have broken their display, you know how expensive it is to replace it. Samsung might save you from this burden along with the reveal of their magic panel.

UL, the company with tested the panel’s durability, make their tests based on US Department of Defense’s certification standards. The panel’s first test consisted in being dropped 26 times from 1.2 meters. It kept functioning normally. Another test was the temperature one, the maximum +0 it can support is 71 degrees Celcius and 32 degrees below 0.

Will other companies come up with such panels?

After realizing how good Samsung is at making such displays and as it is leading the smartphone industry, other companies might want to adopt the same technology. Even though this is some very exciting news about such an innovative tech, so no hurry to assume Galaxy S10 or Note 9 might be featuring such panels. Because of Samsung’s announcement, they are warning the other manufacturers that they will steal the spotlight with their unbreakable display desired by most of clumsy phones fans.

The OLED id panel features an unbreakable substrate along with a lightweight plastic overlay window. However, it will be similar to the glass ones as the company touts its hardness and transmissivity.

When it comes with its similarity to glass, there are a lot of types of interpretations that can take place. In order to see how it actually is like, we will need to see it in person and run some other tests ourselves.

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