Windows Malware Passes as Adobe Flash Player on macOS

Windows Malware Passes as Adobe Flash Player on macOS

The infamous Snake malware family that has been attacking Windows ever since 2008 has now found its way to macOS. Recent reports have uncovered that the clever piece of backdoor malware poses as a seemingly-legitimate version of the Adobe Flash Player app. This is certainly not doing Adobe any favors, especially considering that even the true program is quite a security nightmare lately.

The Adobe Flash Player backdoor malware seems trustworthy because it comes with a valid certificate that claims to be Apple-approved. However, upon close inspection, there’s something off about it, such as the fact that it claims to have a random developer instead of Adobe. On top of that, the app bundle looks very suspicious, because it’s nowhere near similar to that of the actual Flash Player.

The Issue

However, the main issue here is that many people just don’t check for these things before installing programs. Our tech laziness will bring our downfall. And once you install the corrupted version of Flash on your device, it’s really hard to find the malware files, because they burrow inside normal files on your macOS.

How to Check for Snake Malware

If you suspect you might be infected, there is a way to check and make sure if that’s the case or not. These are the backdoor components that the corrupted program installs, and you can check for them manually:

  • /tmp/.gdm-socket
  • /tmp/.gdm-selinux
  • /var/tmp/.ur-*
  • /Library/Scripts/queue
  • /Library/Scripts/
  • /Library/Scripts/installdp
  • /Library/LaunchDaemons/com.adobe.update.plist

If your business computer was infected, you need to change your passwords as soon as possible and get in touch with your IT department to fix the issue. You need to make sure you restore your online security, as well as mitigate potential damage brought to your company by this nasty piece of malware. Stay safe out there!



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