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Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection Update

Today is a big day in Windows Security. Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection has just been announced, and it’s great. It combines everything about Windows Defender that used to help our computer so far, and then some. But there are other new things in Windows Security, such as a new update for Microsoft Cloud App Security. Microsoft Cloud App Security takes care of your Cloud App and it now has a brand new feature that will make everything a whole lot easier. Keep reading to find out what that is more specifically.

Suspicious Users Are Logged Off by the System

So, as you might have gathered from our pretty straightforward and no fuss caption just above, Microsoft Cloud App Security’s brand new feature is logging off users that exhibit anomalous behavior. This means that if you or someone else are acting all weird on your Microsoft device, Microsoft Cloud App Security will terminate the session. Microsoft Cloud App Security has been launched in August 2016 and it collaborates closely with Azure Active Directory, a third party service.

Regarding this update, an unsigned post on the official Microsoft blog explains that “when a suspicious activity is identified in Cloud App Security portal, you can now initiate an auto-remediation action[,] logging off these users and requiring users to sign in again to Office 365 as well as all apps accessed through Azure Active Directory.” So if anyone is acting weird on your Microsoft service account, the system will take care of this and you can also take some additional measures in this direction to make everything stronger.

How do you feel about this new security update from CAS? If you’re a Microsoft user, of course you will like it, but we want to know all your thoughts on this. Let us know in the comments below.

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