Windows 10: Things That Should Be Done After Installing It On Your Computer

Windows 10 becomes more popular nowadays and it seems that many users have finally decided to upgrade to this “new” operating system. Well, if you’ve just installed this OS on your computer, then you are in the right place as today we will talk about some things that should be done after upgrading to Windows 10.

Running Windows Update

After installing the Windows 10 on your computer, you will need to check for any last-minute updates. At the same time, if you’ve uninstalled the anti-malware application before the upgrade, don’t worry because this step will make sure that the definitions for the built-in Windows Defender are updated.

So, click on the Search box next to the Windows 10 start button and type “Windows Update.” Now select “Check for Updates” from the list of results and when the Windows Update opens, choose “Check for updates” button.

Keep in mind that Windows Update works a bit different in Windows 10 and you will not be able to always select the updates that you want to install, as most of them will be automatically downloaded.

Turning On System Protection

System Protection (previously known as System Restore) is turned off by default in Windows 10. We suggest you to re-enable it so that you can restore your computer in case you face issues after installing an update on it.

Just open the Explorer window, right click on “This PC” and select “Properties.” Once the window opens, choose “System Protection” located in the left panel and select your C: drive in the dialog box. Finally click the “Configure” button and enable the “Turn on system protection” option.

Restoring The Start screen

Windows 10 comes with a new Start menu that has some new features and options. For example, if you use a tablet “PC,” the Start screen will appear only when you disconnect the keyboard, but you also have the possibility to activate it manually. Just open the Action Center, select Tablet mode and you will instantly feel the “Windows 8” experience. You can always return to the “desktop mode” by clicking (tapping) the “Tablet mode” button again.

Creating A Microsoft Account

Windows 10 is working great especially when you sign in with an online Microsoft account. Keep in mind that you won’t need an internet access for this to work, but it saves some Windows settings when you are online and it helps your computer to be more secure.

To check your account settings head to Settings from the Start menu and select “Accounts.” Under the “Your Account” section you will find a “Sign in with a Microsoft account instead” button. Once you click on the button, you will be able to either create a new account or sign in with one.

HINT: You will not lose any settings when you switch to a Microsoft account.

Checking The Windows 10 Privacy Settings

If you’ve used the “Express” settings option when you’ve installed Windows 10, then you probably have the default privacy settings. We suggest you to go to Start->Settings->Privacy and make sure that they are set as you want.

We have to mention that by switching off some privacy options will affect how the Windows 10 works. This is the reason why you should carefully read each privacy option before disabling it.


Windows 10 is an awesome operating system, but in order to make it better, you can do the things that we’ve told you about in this article.

Do you have Windows 10 installed on your computer? Tell us your thoughts about this operating system!

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