Windows 10 Security Tips You Should Be Serious About

Windows 10 Security Tips You Should Be Serious About

Windows 10 Creators Update has been released just recently for users around the world for free. You will be able to get the update in different ways. Just make sure that you have enabled the automatic updates, as it will be sent to your computer when ready.

Some advanced users would do it manually that would require technical settings. Another way to enjoy the Creators Update is to buy a new PC running Windows 10. So when you are looking to update your version of Windows 10, you would get some new features to go along with it, aside from the enhanced security settings. Here are some security tips that you might be interested in.

Turning Off Tracking

You can head to the privacy settings by clicking Start > Settings > Privacy. From this point, you can modify the settings on your computer in terms of information regarding your location, camera, and microphone, among others. You might as well click on the Feedback & Diagnostics to modify the Feedback Frequency which you can switch to Never and the Diagnostic and Usage Data into the Basic setting. If you do this, you can prevent any random gathering information by Microsoft.

Guarding Browser History

You should know that Microsoft Edge would provide browsing history to help Cortana in personalization. You can do this by clicking on the menu button at the top right corner of Edge. Simply go to Settings > Advanced Settings > View Advanced Settings > Privacy and Services. Under this path, you can turn the option to allow Cortana in assisting you when using Microsoft Edge.

Avoid Creating A Microsoft Account

Take note that Windows 10 would prompt you to create an account for Microsoft. However, this must be ignored if you care about your private information. If you wouldn’t create an account, all your activities and information will remain local to only your computer. If you will create one, a link for Microsoft will be made in order to connect all metadata gathered to connect to your identity. You might be able to manage or delete your Microsoft account by going to Settings > Accounts > Your Account.

Practice Caution With Cortana

The use of Cortana assistant might be a breakthrough for Windows 10, but this might become an intrusive issue. This is because it has the ability to learn about you, which would create a more personal experience. The only thing about this is that it would take as much information about you to achieve that. Remember that it would include anything from contacts, location, handwriting, and speech data. Moreover, your interactions with this virtual assistant have been stored in the cloud.

This is just a gesture of Microsoft to make your Windows 10 experience more personalized. However, if you find this a bit weird, you can adjust your settings in accordance to your preference. You can clear the data that Bing and Cortana have gathered from you, which include other information like inking, typing, and speech.



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