Windows 10 Security Tips and Tricks – Stay Safe Guide

Security is one of the spikiest topics in the online world today. As much as you would try, it’s impossible to cover absolutely everything that relates to security when it comes to an operating system, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have to try your best. Here you have some particularly useful security tips that will keep your information private and protect your device/computer:

Keep everything up to date

Microsoft is indeed doing a great effort in keeping Windows 10 safe and protected, but there might be some errors with Windows Update from time to time. Initiating a manual scan for updates is indeed a great idea if you want to make sure that all your programs and security systems are performing at their best. It is extremely important to do so, because the company is constantly releasing new patches and files to fight off the attacks.

Backup and encrypt

Encryption is one of the best ways to make sure that your information is private. And this tool is one of the best features found on Windows 10. If the system does not use a data encryption tool (such as BitLocker, for example), then the personal data you are using may be compromised and made public.

Make everybody aware of how important this is

If you are sharing the computer with somebody else, then make sure the other user(s) knows how to take care of the machine. You can even write down some simple rules, if there are users who are not that tech savvy. For example, parents borrowing their children’s machines tend to click malicious links or to install programs that are not authorized. Because of that, you should teach them what is safe to do and what is not, in order to prevent any complicated issues.

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