Windows 10 Security Against Fake Tech Support Scammers

It is important to note that phishing-ling emails are being sent by scammers on the Web to victimize users into visiting tech support websites. This modus operandi has been detected by the Malware Protection Center of Microsoft. Accordingly, this signifies the evolution of tech support scams allowing criminals to widen their search for victims.

Tech support scammers are reportedly using similar techniques as if they were sent by popular brands, including Amazon, Alibaba, and LinkedIn. This email would pretend as an invoice, social media message, or a cancelled order. This allegedly has deceitful links hidden in some harmless text.

This technique would serve as a scare tactic to try to trick users to pay for unnecessary tech support services or calling hotlines to supposedly fix devices, software, and platform problems. This was discovered by Microsoft malware protection researchers.

The tech support scam was identified as TechBrolo. It uses a looping dialog box that locks the browser, then it urges the user to call the purported support number. Good news for those who are using Windows 10 operating system though, there are a number of security features. This will cover software such as, Exchange Online Protection, and Edge browser.

According to Microsoft, Edge is able to stop dialog loops as it allows the user to block a specific page from creating more pages. Additionally, the software tech giant is also looking forward to create a feature for the Edge browser to allow users to close specific tabs or the browser itself in the event when there is a dialog or popup message.

However, take note that Microsoft wouldn’t reach out to users to offer unsolicited tech support. It is the prerogative of the users to contact Microsoft through its genuine support page. This makes it advantageous for Windows 10 users when it comes to security issues.

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