Windows 10 Creators Update USB Dongle


An issue regarding the Windows 10 Creators Update was spotted by a user named NovaSummoner who posted about it on Reddit. He said that he has just upgraded to a new Ryzen build and he is really enjoying it. On the other hand, he informs users that the purpose of the post is to tell everyone about the fact that using Mobile Broadband USB dongles or any other USB Modem makes Windows 10 Creators Update break some older style modems.

When the user NovaSummoner has fresh installed the Windows 10 he didn’t realize at that point the fact that he downloaded the Creator Update ISO. This lead to a week and a half of  ”writing on windows message boards and searching the internet for anyone that had this same problem. When trying to dial out with the Usb modem in my case the Mc760 from Virgin Mobile, it came back with error 633 in windows and the message <<The remote computer did not respond please try again.>> I followed the standard troubleshooting steps of updating all drivers, uninstall and reinstall, try on a different computer. None of these steps worked.

More cases

The research revealed the fact that there are more cases of people having the same problem, and they’re all buried deep in discussion boards and Microsoft help forums. It seems that Microsoft hasn’t officially said that such a problem exists, and the response that NovaSummoner got from the support staff was an advice for contacting the manufacturer for updated drivers.

The workaround

After a whole week of trying to fix the issue, he found out that you can still download Windows 10 Anniversary Update’s ISO from Microsoft, if you access the site from anon Windows device and you say that you will install it on a MAC, since these are having problems with the Creators Update installation. Microsoft has kept this older ISO download still active but buried deep in their site.

Users are advised to be cautious when updating to the Creators Update from Microsoft, if they’re using an USB dongle for the Internet.

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