Windows 10 Build 16251 Preview Comes With New Features and Bug Fixes

Microsoft’s Windows 10 is quickly turning into the most popular variant of the beloved desktop operating system. We say desktop and not mobile as well while being fully aware of the fact that there is actually a Windows mobile OS. But that’s notoriously no good, so we’re just focusing on the PC version so far. So, there is a brand new update for Windows 10 on PC, and it comes under build number 16251. Microsoft just released the full changelog for it, so let’s see what’s new and what has improved.

New Stuff

Perhaps the most exciting novelty that comes with the 16251 build of Windows 10 is the ability to link your Windows 10 desktop device to your Android one in order to share websites and other relevant content. You might have heard about this new feature already, seeing as it’s the number one change that took place within this update. But on top of that, we’ve also got a few other new things, such as web search results being displayed straight into COrtana.

Cortana also now responds to voice commands for locking, signing out of your profile or completely shutting down your PC. There is also an improvement in the overall status of the boot up experience.

Bug Fixes

The touch keyboard has been fixed, and now that bug that made contents move around is gone. On top of that, the Microsoft Pinyim IME bug is also gone, and now the window is fully visible in Microsoft Edge’s full screen mode. All in all, this new update for Windows 10 brings it one step closer to perfection, so we’re glad to see it come our way. And without any shred of doubt, the biggest addition is the Android to PC link that’s just been added.

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