Windows 10 Automatic Updates and How to Properly Use Them

Windows 10 Automatic Updates and How to Properly Use Them

Windows Automatic Updates represents the new model instated for Windows 10 by Microsoft. In theory, it isn’t something different from how Windows would receive updates in the past, but the thing that does make it a little bit different is the fact that they are automatic this time around. As the name suggests, Automatic Update is a service that will bring you the most recent updates as they come out, which is great for people that don’t have time to research the latest updates for every single software on their computer. Not to mention that there are a lot of other things to be updates such as Windows 10 services and whatnot.

How to activate Automatic Updates

The cool thing about Automatic Updates is that Windows will automatically enable the feature for you by default. So if you want to leave it on, you basically don’t have to do anything as you are good to go. That is of course only true unless you have tampered with the default settings for Windows and have changed this particular setting personally in the past.

If you want to check and be sure you can do so by visiting your computer’s Settings page. Open up your Start menu and go to Settings. From the screen that opens up, select the Updates section. From there you should be able to see whether or not Automatic Updates is an enabled featured on your computer or not.

The benefits of Automatic Updates

Now that you know how to enable the setting if you have it disabled for some reason, you might be wondering why you would want it in the first place. The answer is simple: if you want to stay protected, you need the latest updates. It’s not just about feature updates but also about bug fixes and most importantly security patches. Security patches are released most often and they help by providing them most recent defense solutions in terms of virus database and many other threats.

If you don’t update your operating system and everything related to it, it won’t take long before you start to notice that your performance levels drop and that your machine is beginning to act sluggish and unresponsive.


Taking all that into consideration, it’s important to stay updated and the best way to do it is through Windows Automatic Updates. You’d be overwhelmed by the amount of updates you’d have to download manually if you decide to turn off this feature and it just isn’t’ worth it.



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