Windows 10 April 2018 Update – Pros, Cons and Ways to Fix Future Problems

Windows 10 April 2018 Update – Pros, Cons and Ways to Fix Future Problems

It looked like we were probably not going to see the April update go out anytime soon since the month was almost up to a close and Microsoft was still quiet about it. Dubbed the Spring Creators Update by some, this update was just brought up at the end of the month, looking like it just managed to slip and fit into the plans that Microsoft had.

To be honest we are more than happy to see the host of new features that Microsoft introduced but we are also going to talk about some of the problems that users have encountered when trying to install this update.

If you have Windows 10 and are thinking about getting this update then feel free to keep reading so that you can grasp the pros and the cons of this update and then see if you want to try it out for yourself. We will first be looking at the new things that Microsoft brought along and giving our opinion on the matter then we will briefly address the problems one might have when installing this update and how to fix them.

Help with past documents

We do not know about you and what you usually do when you have to go through weeks of searches or a ton of documents that have piled up in a forgotten folder trying to find the one that you opened up last but we do know that it is a tedious task which takes up a lot of time and, in some cases, a lot of nerves since you may become frustrated when you do not find what you need.

However, Microsoft looks like it has just read our minds on this matter as it has introduced Timeline, a feature that lets you look back at previous searches and even documents within a 30-day time frame. This will turn out to be useful.

Helps you focus

In today’s world, filled with apps that almost always demand our attention with notifications that tell us who did what, when and how, it turns out to be somewhat difficult to get the peace and quiet that one might need when working on a big project. This is why with the April update we now have Focus Assist, a feature that lets us shut down all notifications. It even has the option to whitelist some notifications in the case that you really need to hear something important. Otherwise, still a great feature.

New features for audio

From what we have seen we now have the option to turn off audio on certain tabs, making sure that we do not fall prey to the random auto-play that we can get on some websites. Moreover, Microsoft also decided to improve the dictation feature, making it more reliable and easier for the user to speak what he wants to write and let the program do the hard work. We still recommend that you read what the program transcribed so that you do not leave out a typo or two in there.

The problem with the update

In a nutshell, the release date for the Windows 10 April 2018 update got delayed since a bug was found which had to be fixed before users had to deal with it as well. Despite this, users may still find some problem or the other when it comes to installing the update since there are a lot of configurations out there which prove for variety but also nitpicking and trying to fix an issue that some users could have while others do not.

Antivirus is the enemy

Of course, we are not saying that you should uninstall your antivirus since it will clash with the update but if you are still experiencing problems then we suggest that you disable it while the installation is going on to ensure a smooth process.

If that still seems to not work out for you then we could suggest that you try and put the update on a USB and download it to your computer in that way. In order to do that you will need at least 5GB of free space on it. We are certain that this would work out for you.

No disk space

The easiest problem that one can see when trying to install this update is that they simply do not have enough space for it. It happens to all of us, at one point or another in our lives. Now, in order to fix this, you just have to free up some disk space. How much may you ask? Not a lot, the 32-bit version of the update is approximately 16GB while the 64-bit one is 20GB.

On-screen keyboard no longer works

Now, from what we have heard some people have started to complain that after they installed the update their on-screen keyboard had stopped working. Now, in order to fix this you just have to go into the Settings menu, go down to ‘Devices’ then go to ‘Typing’ then to ‘Touch keyboard’ and make sure that the ’Automatically show the touch keyboard in windowed apps’ is enabled and then disable it and turn it back on. That should fix the issue.

In conclusion, this update with its pros and cons does offer a host of new features that users can greatly enjoy, even if some of them have to work a bit harder in order to get their hands on them.

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