Wind Confirms 40 GB, 4G Speed, Minutes for Everyone and Other New Plans

Wind Confirms 40 GB, 4G Speed, Minutes for Everyone and Other New Plans

Subscribers do have plenty of choices in 2019 as all the major network operators have been consistently announcing one plan after the other. While Vodafone and major players have made their move, Wind is not going to give up easily and has announced the 40-gigabyte plan with 4G internet speeds and unlimited SMS.

With the massive adoption of the internet, most people have moved to Internet-based messaging services such as WhatsApp, Kik and Facebook Messenger. Yet the old school SMS messages do work for many especially if they want to officially connect with business people and others in their circle.

What are the New Plans to Look Forward to?

In their official marketing campaign titled as Switch to Wind (Passa a Wind), the company has announced the All Inclusive Limited Edition plan and it will cost subscribers about 8.99 euros per month. The heavy competition has made the situation more favorable for the end users.

In Italy, users now have a vast number of cellular service providers who focus on providing the best plans possible at every price point. If you are on a very tight budget, you can always opt for the lower plan with limited downloads and can always choose to upgrade. Such a level of customization was very rare in the past but things have changed last year and are getting even better in 2019.

Passa a Wind

As part of the All Inclusive Limited Edition plan, users will pay 8.99 euros every month for which they get multiple benefits including 40 gigabytes of data. It is possibly the highest limit a single user might require on their phone and apart from that, they will also get access to unlimited calling minutes to anyone within the country.

A special offer during Christmas last year offered 100 gigabytes and it is expected that they may bring it out again the next few months or so. Even if they choose not to, 40 GB per month sounds like a great plan for most users to get them through the 30 day period.

Wind has also introduced a plan where users can pay 4.99 euros per month for lesser download limit and unlimited calls as well as SMS. The company has been aggressive in marketing their brand to new users and to make sure they provide a tough competition to competitors like Vodafone and Coopvoce. Users who like to switch from a different network will have the option to retain their phone number but make use of the benefits provided by their new cellular service provider.

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