Win7 is failing us in updating Windows reporting Error 80248015

It’s not long ago when we found out that, for the users of Windows 7, keep running the message:

Windows Update cannot currently check for updates because the service is not running. You may need to restart your computer.

Microsoft error

It seems that Microsoft forgot to check a scratch date for our computers. We are going through a fast pace of technological changes, alright. But keep in mind that all these things have a beginning and an end to it.

One of the users whom first got the message above, found out about the error while trying to update the computer and inevitably discovered that something is not going as it supposes. Even though the computer was working fine, the update was having some hard time. And when somebody else stated that the expiry date passed, to solve the error, for now, it means to go back to an older date than the expired one.



Questions like: “How to fix Error Code 80248015 when trying to access windows updates?” arise on different forums. And since nobody gives a response to this, Microsoft team produces new processors for the Win10 and our problem finds its similitude to the XP – Server 2003 problem happened three years ago.


Do we need a verdict? Whose fault would this be other than Microsoft’s? In order for the users of Win7 to ignore the recurrent error and to keep using the operating system, they should definitely restore the computer to an earlier time instead of being able to be up to date for Windows. The patience to just waiting for someone of the creators to catch the error and to fix it as soon as possible is the only hope that remains.

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