Will Nokia Return as Smartphone Manufacture in 2017?

Nokia was the most popular mobile phone brand in 2000s, but their popularity begun to drop in the beginning of 2007 and 2008, when the iPhone with its iOS and Android hit the markets.

Nokia gave its best to gain back the old glow, and one of their biggest efforts is cooperation with Microsoft to adopt the Windows Phone platform for their smartphone series, named Lumia. From the beginning they refused to adopt Android.

The cooperation continued, and Microsoft acquired Nokia about a year ago for 3.79 billion euro and licensed its patents to the company for another 1.65 billion euro.

And in the end, Microsoft decided to change the Nokia brand on their their Lumia series with their own brand: Microsoft. After the acquisition process, Nokia launched their Nokia N1 tablet for the China market apart from Microsoft.

This was possible because a small part of the company has not been acquired by Microsoft i.e Nokia technologies. Nokia Technologies has designed new products and licensed them to other companies including an Android program called Zlauncher and the N1 tablet design.  

Will Nokia Return as Smartphone Manufacture in 2017?

As reported by Re/Code:

As early as next year, the company aims to rejoin the phone market, two sources briefed on Nokia’s plans told Re/code. In addition, the company has a number of other ambitious technology projects, including some in the virtual reality arena, these sources said”

Insiders say that those products are just the beginning:

“They have a lot of great stuff in development,” said Richard Kerris, a former Nokia executive who also consulted for the company until last year as part of his last startup. “It gave me complete confidence that Nokia is a company that is not going away.”while Kerris said he couldn’t get into specifics but said that people will be blown away if some of the technology comes to market.

But, according to the deal between Nokia and Microsoft, Nokia has to delay the launch of their product using a Nokia name until 2016. So, 2016 can be a small revival of a company that has been extremely popular in mobile phone market.

As it seems, Nokia will probably adopt Android as well. It remains to be seen when and what devices with Nokia launch. The fact is, many of the users adored their mobile phones, because they were known as excellent, and durable ones, and their design was always exceptional. Their comeback is something that we all are looking forward to!

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Source Re/Code