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Will Nokia 9 Come Out With an In-Display Fingerprint Sensor?

As we all know, HMD is preparing to have Nokia 9 as part of their 2018’s roadmap. From all the buzz surrounding Nokia 9, it has been touted as the ultimate 2018 flagship model with one of the best cameras in its class and overall design. Nokia 9 is said to even have a better display than Nokia 8 (5.7-inch vs 5.5-inch). However, these specs haven’t been confirmed yet. But new rumors are floating about that Nokia 9 might have an additional feature implemented in it.

These rumors suggest that the Nokia 9 might come with an in-display fingerprint sensor. If this is true, then it will change a lot of things about the way we have perceived the phone so far. If it indeed has an in-display fingerprint sensor, then that would make HMD global one of the most popular smartphone manufacturers to make such technology available in certain key markets. Not saying that it is a groundbreaking technology but it is a significant development nonetheless.

A picture that displays this feature was leaked on last Christmas but with the latest rumors, Nokia might enjoy some great public buzz this year. A new report from a trusted source in China is also making the rounds regarding the embedded biometric reader. So far Vivo is the only company to introduce smartphones with an in-display fingerprint scanner. There’s no doubt that other companies are also working on this new technology but HMD might get a good head start if they do release it with Nokia 9.

Nokia 9 is also said to have the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 which is a beast in its own regard. Most Android smartphones releasing in 2018 will probably be using the same processor. As for the price, the device is expected to hit the markets for roughly $840 but it may vary depending on the country, the carrier and the plan you may go for. The price is just a speculation and may differ when the information is launched officially.

So far what we know about Nokia 9 is more based on snippets of information, leaks and rumors doing the rounds. It is slated to be launched around September this year. As we move closer to the date, we will be getting more official information about the phone and its many features. Until that time, it’s better to not get too wrapped up in rumors and wait for official statements.

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