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Will the new iPad impress or will it be overshadowed by the iPad Air 2 ’s achievements?

There was a time when Apple’s products were recognized after their catchy and after a time iconic sub-brandings, such as iPad Air. However, those days seem to be long gone since Apple prefers to keep it as simple as possible nowadays. The latest entry in the tech giant’s tablet catalogue is represented by the simply named iPad, which brings forth new specs and a promising experience full of top notch performance. While many think it to be enough, others consider this new device unworthy to be the successor of the highly successful iPad Air and Air 2. Here are some of the details pertaining to this tablet and how it stacks up against its spiritual predecessors.


It would seem that Apple hasn’t been able to quite nail the display. Not that it’s a bad display, it’s just that it doesn’t seem to offer the same experience the older iPad Air 2 is capable of. Even though some technical details such as the fact that it’s less vibrant make it look like a shot that missed its target, the new iPad display is a great screen in its own right. It comes with an impressive 2048 x 1536 resolution and a total ppi of 264.


There are some important changes in the hardware department, as the contents of what’s under the hood make the new iPad quite the device. With an Apple A9 processor under its belt, the device is ready to challenge any worthy competitor on the market. It’s not a chip that dominates the iPad Air 2 processor but it does a great job regardless. Other specifications include a maximum storage capacity of 128 GB, and 2 GB of RAM. While the RAM could definitely do better, it’s not low enough to cut the device out of the equation when shopping for a tablet.

This iPad comes with welcomed features such as a nano slim slot and a Lightning port, and even a 3.5 jack for headphones, which is quite the rarity these days.

All in all, the new iPad performs well and manages to hold its own in the performance category it is appropriate for. There are no allusions of grandeur but it’s not selling itself short either. In other words, it’s quite a good mix for someone looking for a decent device.

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