What Will iOS 12 Bring to the New iPhones

Apple released iOS 11 only a few months ago, but users are already looking forward to find out what the next iOS version will bring. And it appears that iOS 12 is already on its way. The release date for it is June 2018, which means that there is only half a year left until we receive this version. Here is what we know so far about iOS 11.


The next iOS will be unveiled in June, at the Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC). Right after this event, it is expected to see beta versions being made available. iOS 12 should be probably released at the same time with the upcoming iPhone, but we do not know the name of the phone yet, although many suspect that it will be iPhone 11.

It is very likely that iOS will be released sometime in September if we also take into account Apple’s usual timeline. The company has been done this with all most all iOS versions and it is quite unlikely that it will change that in the future.

Feature and improvements

When the phone will be unveiled at the Worldwide Developer Conference we will be able to take a good look at it. Until then we will take our information from other sources. For example, it is rumoured that iOS 12 will come with its own “Dark mode”, a mode that should darken up the interface for the users, bringing an interface that uses dark colours.

It is also likely that iOS 12 will allow your whisper to be heard by Siri. The patent for this was filed back in 2016 and awarded in December so it is not unlikely. We might also receive a panic button that ca be used to call someone without others knowing.

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