Will Apple launch an iPhone SE2?

Will Apple launch an iPhone SE2?

The iPhone SE served as a starting point for many prospective users that wanted to test the iPhone experience without buying one of the more expensive flagship models.

As the iPhone SE has been officially discontinued and with no successor in sight, the iPhone 7 remains the most affordable option for new users that are unfamiliar with Apple’s products.

It is likely that Apple has released the iPhone XR as the spiritual successor to the SE but at 6.1-inch the device is larger than the XS and some fans may be disappointed by the larger size. Since Apple has not officially dismissed the possibility that the SE2 may come at some point the rumor mill has been hard at work and several forums discuss how a possible iPhone SE2may look like. Read below to find out the hottest rumors about the iPhone SE2.

Will another iPhone SE see the light of day?

The answer is not clear. Most analysts anticipated that an affordable iPhone will join the 2018 line and the predictions materialized under the form of the iPhone XR. While its size is bigger than some users expected, the XR is clearly geared to be a budget-friendly iPhone. A smaller iPhone could be eventually released at some point in the future.

Possible release date

Two launch events were recently held by Apple, one on September 12 and the latest on October 30. No sign of the SE was spotted as Apple focused on the XS and XR in September and announced revamped MacBooks and iPads in October.

Some believe that iPhone SE2 could be announced next year, as the original SE was officially unveiled in March 2016.

Why was the iPhone SE discontinued?

While many users seem to love the idea of a small but powerful iPhone the device didn’t perform quite well when it came to sales. As Android phones got bigger and bigger Apple tried to keep the pace and the XS Max is the proof that they are now fully engaged in the development of larger iPhones. It seems that small smartphones are a thing of the past and the cost to manufacture them isn’t justified by potential sales numbers.

Will it be as affordable as the iPhone SE?

It’s hard to give a definite answer. The SE was cheap due to its small size, which made it easy to manufacture as the components themselves were cheaper in comparison to the ones used for the iPhone 6S. The XR is the most affordable of the 2018 iPhones but the price tag remains quite big for some users.  It is clear that the device will be more expensive than the original model, with some sources estimating a starting price of $600.

Hardware update

When it comes to processing power, Apple may opt to use its stellar A12 Bionic chip which would certainly give the SE2 a competitive edge on the market.  The smaller design would facilitate the use of a smaller OLED screen or a modified version of the Liquid Retina LCD display while also keeping the battery thin as the smaller display and efficient processor will provide a higher autonomy. The same camera used on the back of the XR could also make an appearance. When it comes to built-in memory the device is likely to start as 64GB with a larger 128GB option also being available. More RAM would also allow the device to make use of the improvements added in the latest iOS versions. Lastly, adding Face ID would keep the device secure if Apple removes Touch ID, a change that is more than likely since it was dropped when the iPhone X was launched.

Bigger but not that big

A larger size would not come as surprise but in order to feel like a true successor of the SE, the SE2 shouldn’t go beyond 5.0-inch in our opinion. Even at that point, some users will already say that it’s enormous but bigger and better has become the new standard among manufacturers. It will remain thin and with a smaller size it is likely to fit comfortably inside your pocket.

The device could also offer more color choices since the XR model comes in six vibrant colors.

It remains to be seen if Apple will release the iPhone SE2 at some point but interest for it exists and a possible device could attract new users to the Apple ecosystem.



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