Will Apple Give the Fast Charger with the 2019 iPhones for Free?

iPhone XI Max

A rumor doing the rounds has indicated that Apple may bow to public opinion and include an 18W fast charger in the box when the next iteration of iPhones ship out. Apple holds an event every year in September to launch its iPhones and the iPhone XI is due this year. There have been all kinds of rumors and suggestions going around as it happens with the Apple devices all the time. There is an expectation that the iPhone XR will also get a successor, though it is not clear what Apple will call it this time.

The Standard Issue Charger is No Good

The objection from Apple customers has two dimensions. One is the standard Lightning charger rated at 5W and shipped with the phone does not charge very fast. The other is if the customer wants to go in for a fast charging option, the 18W USB C-type charger has to be purchased by making an additional payment. Given that Apple’s phones are already highly priced, it hurts the buyer to make an additional investment.

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Will Apple bite the bullet and as the rumor claims, ship the 18W charger for free with this year’s iPhones? There is no official confirmation from the Cupertino major, but that is the widespread expectation. There are sceptics who doubt if this will happen since the company is already losing out on the sales volumes of iPhones and absorbing an additional burden of close to $50 per piece of charger could hurt the company.

Android Phones Have Moved Ahead

When it comes to innovative smartphone designs and introducing new and bold features, the Android phone makers have been all over the place. You can pick up smartphones with quadruple camera setups and fast chargers that are 15W and above among the Android offerings both from the Chinese phone makers as well as the South Korea based Samsung. Look at the way they have gone ahead and launched 5G phones and have made foldable phones. Apple is yet to reveal its cards on either of these except to indicate that its 5G phone may hit the markets in 2020.

The battery charger issue will keep reappearing until Apple gives out an official update sooner than later.

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