Why You Shouldn’t Buy the Pixel 3a? – 3 Important Things to Know  

A smartphone manufacturer or any brand for that matter has to cut some corners in order to make their products more affordable for the masses. For those who are pretty impressed by the $399 price tag of the newly announced Pixel 3a smartphone, there is some bad news and it depends on how you take it.

When features like wireless charging, water resistance and sturdy displays used to be a luxury, phones were handled with care unlike today where people love to toss them around, take photographs in the swimming pool and never worry about dropping them twice when it has a hard case on top.

However, the Pixel 3a may not be Google’s best phone yet if you take all these factors into consideration because the company did cut corners in order to make the pricing possible. For most who are adherent to spending less, it may not be a problem but there are those who don’t want to make so many compromises in order to get the best camera in the market.

Don’t Test its Water Resistance Capabilities

The Google Pixel 3a and Pixel 3a XL are not water resistant phones. The company may or may not blame it on the fact that they have actually included a 3.5 mm headphone jack. Apple in their keynote said that the jack forced them to not provide best water resistance and it was one of the reasons they removed it from their iPhones. However, Google is bringing the lost headphone jack back but is going to make a compromise that you should be okay with before you make the purchase.

Google Pixel 3a XL

No Wireless Charging

Wireless charging has gone to a whole new level on Samsung Galaxy S10 phones. You can actually keep one phone on another and share the power which is what the company highlights in their advertisements. It is an amazing feature and definitely one that makes these devices more futuristic so that you can proceed with ease. The same is not going to happen with the Pixel 3a because it doesn’t have the capability.

Is Dragon More Powerful than Gorilla? It’s not!

From a mythical standpoint, dragons are definitely more powerful than a puny gorilla but not in the world of smartphones. The Dragontrail glass used on the Pixel 3a smartphones, instead of the trusted Gorilla glass which is the standard on most phones these days, is a major compromise and we are not exactly sure if it could withstand some rough usage. Google probably shouldn’t have made a compromise here but they did!

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