Why Samsung Galaxy S9 won’t be Replaced by the Galaxy S10

Why Samsung Galaxy S9 won’t be Replaced by the Galaxy S10

There are some rumors going around that share the details of the Galaxy S smartphones which are supposed to come in the next wave. This week showed us some information which suggests that those that currently use the Galaxy S9 won’t have enough reason to switch to the S10 in the proximate future.

We are used by now to the Samsung and Apple rivalry, and how each year they try to outsmart each other. When Apple makes a ‘tock’ as a response to Samsung’s ‘tick’, it is basically due to how the average smartphone has a standard 2-year cycle. However, Samsung’s strategy seems to be revolving around a one-year flip, meaning that their customers are used to change their phones each year.

In this article, we will try to find out exactly why there are rumors about people not needing to upgrade to the Samsung Galaxy S10 if you already own a Galaxy S9. There are plenty of people who consider that if you already bought the latest Galaxy phone in 2018, then you might not be impressed with what Samsung will be able to provide next year, in 2019. Don’t get us wrong, we are definitely not saying that Samsung is doing something wrong, or that their progress or innovation process is slow.

It is just that what it is expected to change is not going to be significant in the areas which are currently known to cthe ustomer. On the contrary, we don’t know what to expect. One such example is the fingerprint scanner placed inside the screen. Samsung will more than likely try to use it as a primary selling point. However, people will more than likely treat it as they did with the original Galaxy Note Edge screen.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Features

You might think that it’s cool or you might not think anything at all. What is for sure is that no one, especially if you are a power user, will buy a phone based only on that certain feature. What is currently incorporated in the Samsung Galaxy S9 accounts for enough features to make it one of the best phones in the mobile universe at the current time? It comes with one of the best displays on the market – some say that it is THE best – and this has been consistent with Samsung’s approach for quite a while. Also, it boasts a top of the shelf back-facing camera system.

Besides, both the S9 and the Galaxy S9 Plus come with a display with plenty of space and it also features plenty of boldness and brightness without using a notch design to top. Now, let’s see what the rumors about the next flagship phone, the Galaxy S10. Indeed, it will stand for a really impressive phone. However, we don’t feel like it will be enough to sway Galaxy S9 users enough so that they switch phones.

It really seems that Samsung has borrowed something from its rival, Apple. We are talking about a way of thinking when it comes to smartphone iterations. This translates into a radical shift, as Samsung doesn’t seem to want to impress the market of buying smartphones with innovating and new features on flagships, instead they are seemingly aiming to sell products of high quality with features which have already been presented to us with lesser phones.

Here’s how the rumored specs and prices look like. These are the phones which we expect to enter the market in 2019:

  • Galaxy S10 $1000

5.8-inch display, curved edges, under-display fingerprint reader, 5G modem

  • Galaxy S10 Max $1100

6.4-inch display, curved edges, under-display fingerprint reader, 5G modem

  • Galaxy S10R (Retro) $750

5.8-inch display, flat, side-mounted fingerprint reader, 4G modem



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