Why is iPhone XR So Appreciated?

Why is iPhone XR So Appreciated?

iPhone XR is considered the most interesting phone that Apple has produced in many years.

The fact is that a few time ago, the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max were launched by Apple and they ended up being greatly appreciated by the crowd. Now, a few weeks later, that iPhone XR came into the game featuring most of the features that its more expensive siblings have, we can say that Apple has something in their mind acting so crazy.

In addition to that, R is not important either. According to Phil Schiller, the letters that Apple users do not refer to something when are chosen. After that, he proceeded to explain that the S and R are letters used to denote sports cars that are both super fast and special, exactly how he likes them. Many other fans would have expected other kind of answers, but as Phil Schiller is a longtime fan of Audis and Porches that does not surprise us.


However, not to be calling out for not considering other interpretations, we must mention that there are other ones besides Schiller’s as well. Many call it the depressing iPhone. Other people call it the cheap iPhone, but some are also calling it the fascinating iPhone. The reason behind the last affirmation is that Apple aimed at developing one iPhone that can suit as many people as possible. The outlook was not important. Even though people have misunderstood it, it took Apple years to come up with such a phone that is considered one of the bests.

The track record of Apple is best to look at if we want to know more about why the iPhone XR looks like the company is going somewhere. Apple, since 2014, had its focus glued to delivering two phones per year for its customers. In 2016, the company deviated from the pattern releasing the iPhone SE, which was practically an iPhone 5S packed with the features iPhone 6S had. Even though it was something new at that moment, it did not take them too much to make it because the technology had been already developed.

Last year, Apple fans got an even bigger surprise when Apple decided to launch its first trio of iPhones, the iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone 8, the predecessors of iPhone 7 Plus and iPhone 7. A few months later, the third phone came in, the iPhone X which changed all the perceptions of how the iPhone should be.

iPhone XR Price

Because not everybody affords to spend $1,000 on a smartphone, Apple decided to launch an iPhone that would back the advances in performance and software that the iPhone X has and bring it all into a phone that can be accommodated to everyone. That is quite a bold move if we take into consideration the fact that Apple was almost not going to release the iPhone X as mentioned on their schedule. The released of the iPhone X was anticipated to be late.

According to Schiller, the iPhone X is the result of the company’s many years of work in this technology so the future of the smartphones released by Apple would be even better. The engineering team was faced up with a challenging task, to deliver the iPhone X on time, and as you could see last year, it was done. It was already known that as soon as the iPhone X had been released, it would have been a success. All that was needed to be done afterwards is to implement something so that everyone could be able to buy such a phone.

Now it looks even harder to understand how the engineering team at Apple could both release the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max, two completely new smartphones, not too much later the iPhone that would change the company was released. This process does not compare to when you already know that your next product will be amazing and greatly welcomed. When it comes to the iPhone XR, which is practically a phone that gets the features from the expensive ones but keeps a schedule, it is not that easy. By comparison is trickier than it seems to be.



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