Why can’t I send picture messages on my Android?

When Viber and WhatsApp became popular, we forgot the MMSs, but still, there are some situations when we can find this type of message useful. Now, you want to send a picture message from your Android, but it doesn’t seem to be working. Keep reading. We will share some workarounds below.

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Things to try when you can’t send picture messages on Android

  • If you are using a prepaid card, before moving any further, make sure you have enough funds on the card.
  • Ensure mobile data is enabled. The easiest way to turn it on is from the notification panel. Another option is to navigate to Settings > Network and then turn the mobile data on.
  • Is there a new version of the messaging app? Head over to Play Store, and if there is an update, get it.
  • Force close the app and relaunch it. Go to Settings > Apps, find Messages, tap on it and then tap Force Close. Go back to the home screen and launch it.
  • Restart your phone – perhaps one of the processes or apps working in the background created some issue. A restart will close them all. In addition, it will refresh the phone’s memory.
  • Clear Messaging app cache and data – Go to Settings > Apps > Messaging app, tap on Storage, and tap Clear cache. After that, tap on the option Clear Data.
  • Update the software – Navigate to Settings > System > Update. Download and install the latest version.
  • Reset network settings – Go to Settings > System > Reset. Tap Reset network settings. After doing this, you will have to set up your Wi-Fi connection from scratch and pair your phone with other Bluetooth devices because the option will reset all the connection settings to factory defaults.

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