4 Factors That Can Keep Apple Products Popular In The Future As They Are Today

Apple has various device categories for a complete digital lifestyle ecosystem. They produce computers, smartphones, tablets, smartwatches, and home devices. Their most popular devices are MacBook, iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and Apple TV.

Apple is also famous as a company that develops their own software. Many other giant technology companies are now following Apple in terms of Software developing. These  are Microsoft and Google. Microsoft is popular with their Surface, while Google with their Pixel series and also Nexus series.

Moreover, Apple also creates a service cloud to make more effective communication amongst devices, called iCloud.

These three factors – hardware, software, and cloud service – are some of the important things for Apple products. If one of the Apple’s products doesn’t have one of the factors, it doesn’t last long. For instance, the iPod. The product is finally discontinued by Apple because it didn’t have a “cloud service”.

Are the three important things above enough to make the Apple products to be as desirable in the future? To make that happen, Apple has to consider these 4 factors.

4 Factors That Can Make Apple Products Desirable In The Future

Unique and useful

Apple is well-known for their unique products, starting from the designs, Software, etc. As you can see, up to now, they’re still considering these factors in making a product. Unfortunately, Apple seems to forget another important thing. The unique features. For example, iPhone 7 doesn’t have lots of unique features. Some of its features have been adopted by the other smartphones before, such as water resistant and dual camera.

4 Factors To Make Apple Products Always Be Loved


Another factor related to uniqueness is usefulness. It will be useless if Apple only considers the unique factor. The uniqueness is nothing if the product isn’t useful. For example, 3D touch. It’s an example of unique yet useful technology. Apple needs to consider both factors if they want to keep their existence in the market.

Exposure and education

Apple TV 4th gen has a unique feature, i.e TV remote, and user interface. It offers a new experience. If we want to switch from one app to the other, we just need to swipe it in “all direction”.

4 Factors To Make Apple Products Always Be Loved


Does this unique and useful feature has been exposed well? Apple should consider this factor as well. If it’s not exposed well and if there is a lack of education for users, maybe they will think a product is the same as the others. In this case, a remote.

The first adopter

Apple is one of the giant companies that always was one of the first to embrace the best technology. For instance, they were the first company that used the mouse on PC and Thunderbolt port on their laptop. Unfortunately, in the last few years, they are no longer an early adopter. Apple has just adopted USB-C on MacBook in 2015, while the other companies have done it before.

4 Factors To Make Apple Products Always Be Loved


If Apple doesn’t want to lose their predicate as a company which has the best technology, they have to provide the new and best technology.

Fast research and implementation

When Steve Jobs announced iPhone for the first time, he claimed that the OS inside was 5 years more advanced than the other mobile OS at that time. It shows Apple had a faster research and implementation. Apple needs this factor to drive the industry and to be followed, not vice versa.

4 Factors To Make Apple Products Always Be Loved


Let’s say, in AR and VR worlds, Apple is one step behind the other companies. Hololens is one of the real examples. Microsoft has done a fast research and implementation when the other companies haven’t developed the same device yet.

4 Factors To Make Apple Products Always Be Loved


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