Which Size of the Galaxy Watch Would Suit you Best?

Which Size of the Galaxy Watch Would Suit you Best?

When it comes to the 42mm Galaxy Watch, the advantage is that every smartwatch feature you would want, Samsung got into this compact wearable without giving it too much volume. There is not a big difference between this one and the bigger version as they both have the same features including the optional LTE. However, you will see that the battery on this one goes faster.

To make it easier for you to choose the best size, we will be talking about the pros and cons of purchasing the Samsung Galaxy Watch measuring 42 mm. The first pro aspect would be that its given size fits most people’s wrists without giving them any discomfort. Another pro aspect would b that this variant comes in two colors. You can either choose from rose gold or black. Its single flaw is that the battery life is not great and will not last as much as you want if you are always on watch face.

Now for the Galaxy Watch measuring 46mm, what is excellent is that without charging it, its battery will last for multiple days. The mother company achieved this because they focused on bringing a successor to the Gear S3 Frontier. This version has the same specifications as the one we previously talked about, but this one’s longevity is impressively better.

The most significant advantage of this version would be that no matter what you do, it offers a full day of battery and besides that, it has a more prominent display, so it will not get your eyes tired of being too much on it. This smartwatch has its disadvantages as well. One of them would be that it is only available in one color and its size does not fit any wrist. You should try it on before attempting to buy this size.

What to take into consideration before purchasing your watch?

Wrist size

Before choosing one of the sizes Samsung provides for its Galaxy Watch, you should decide how big your wrist is in comparison to the smartwatches and which one would fit it more comfortably. If you do not usually wear a watch, the 46mm variant might not be the best for you. Unfortunately, you can’t guarantee that you will get used to it. In case you have a smaller wrist do not go for this one because its thickness is also different, 13mm. Even though 4mm does not seem like a big difference, you should make sure you try both sizes on before choosing.

If you are not sure about how you can handle a bigger watch, there is always the possibility to stick to the smaller one as it is as powerful as, the bigger version and if you make sure you charge it the battery will last you based on your needs. A hint is given even by the colors as the 42mm variant is the only one that comes in rose gold because women, in general, have smaller wrists. Maybe the 46mm option was released for men with massive wrists such as bodybuilders and heavyweight lifters.

Is battery life important in your choice?

If you can handle both sides of this smartwatch, then your choice can be made based on its battery capacity. It is evident that the 46mm Galaxy Watch is equipped with a bigger battery because it has more room for it so in return it will offer you a more extended performance no matter what. If you can’t go with the big version, you can always modify some setting in the 42mm version and make its battery last longer.

If the sleep tracking is not what you are looking for in this watch too, then you can go for the smaller version as it would last you a full day even if you wish to have all features turned on. To make it last multiple days, you will need to turn off the always-on watch face and give up on sleep tracking. Contrary to that, the 46mm Samsung Galaxy Watch will last you multiple days even though you have the always-on watch face there for the whole time or if you enjoy getting your sleep tracked at night.



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