Where is iPod Section on Apple Website?

This is the main section of Apple official website at this moment. As you can see, those main section are: Store, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Watch, Music and Support.

Where is iPod Section on Apple Website?

Main section of a website contains the important things that will be often accessed by Apple site’s visitors. It also will give their visitors the important information related to their products and service. Let compare with Apple’s website within 2007 – 2010 before iPad has not existed. Their main sections were: Store, Mac, iPod+iTunes, iPhone, Download and Support.

Where is iPod Section on Apple Website?

And this is the Apple’s website before Apple Watch existed.

Where is iPod Section on Apple Website?

Check also their website before Apple Music has not existed yet.

Where is iPod Section on Apple Website?

And if we compare Apple’s website from the beginning until today, the main section that has been removed by Apple are iPod and iTunes. Both are the featured products of Apple before iPhone and iPad existed. iPod and iTunes were two of things that made Apple rose and successfully dominated a music industry. And it meant a lot for Apple because Apple’s biggest revenue at that moment beside Mac were iPod and iTunes.

iPod and iTunes were one of Apple masterpiece products and service has changed the way people in listening and accessing music. Apple has developed those things to the deepest part. For iPod, their push design hardware and software until they made a line iPod for different segments and needs as we get now:

  • iPod dan iPod Classic
  • iPod nano
  • iPod Shuffle
  • iPod Touch

also The iTunes Store is a service that keep on developing not only limited for music, they also add movies, TV shows, Podcast and iTunes U. the last they add iTunes Radio. Apple keep trying to make iPod and iTunes become the main device and service. But, do you know? it was failed. iPod sales continued to decline. The revenue from iTunes Store (in addition to the App store) continued to decline. Apple had started to lose confidence to iPod and iTunes Store. We don’t have to search for data too far, Just look at their today’s website. That is Apple foundation right now.

A friend of mine asked, where is iPod section on Apple website? I want to see iPod page section. I told him: “you can find it in Music section, scroll down and you can see it”. Then he answered:” oh..i didn’t notice that iPod and iTunes are part of Music section now, i think not all website visitors can guess it”.

I think, his ordinary statement is right. Do you know that there is a new iPod nano and iPod Shuffle. I invite you to open iPod nano and iPod Shuffle right now. Can you find them directly? Where is iPod section on Apple website?

Welcome to the new Apple guys wherein iPod and iTunes is blurred. They part of Music section but it’s not easily find there, so as if Apple makes it blur. Take a look at this, it’s the initial display of music section.

Where is iPod Section on Apple Website?

They are focusing to Apple Music. Why? I don’t know the sure answer, but what i can guess:

  • They want to make their users focus on their new product and adopt the product which has a good prospect in future.
  • This is a temporary decision from Apple and maybe they will make iPod and iTunes category back to the main section of their website.
  • Apple is making a new device and business step for the next years which would explicitly eliminate all unsupported products. Apple can really do it like when they stopped the production of Xserve.

I really want to see how Apple in the future which will more focus on iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and Apple Music. Wait, i have one more question: “where is Apple TV section on Apple website?