WhatsApp Update Brings Optimization For iPhone XR and iPhone XS Max

WhatsApp constantly brings new updates that come with improvements. This shouldn’t surprise us, as WhatsApp has 1.5 billion monthly active users and it aims to please their needs. The latest changes were destined for iPhone users who bought the latest models.

This time, the latest update brought native screen resolution for both iPhone XR and iPhone XS Max. Additionally, this update brought some new features as well. The version of this update is 2.18.100, and you can update it in the App Store for free. This update comes only one month after the iPhone XS was released.

The iPhone XS Max comes with a 2699×1242 resolution, and WhatsApp finally uses it after the last update. Once you install it, you will be able to see more message bubbles at one time, and the size of the keyboard will match the other apps that you have installed on your smartphone.

If you don’t have the update you will notice that the app uses the same metrics used for the iPhone X (as well as XS). Obviously, this is not a huge difference, but it is better to update to the latest version if you own an iPhone XR or an iPhone XS Max.

The resolution for the XR is almost the same as the one of the XS Max. The only difference is that the XR is @2x density, compared to the XS Max @3x. Since the size is not different, you will see the same number of message bubbles, contacts, message content and so on, on both the screen of the iPhone XR and the one of the iPhone XS Max.

Other features

The latest update brought other features as well. For example, new voice messages now play continuously. This means that if you receive five voice messages in a row, they will play in succession automatically, without having to play them manually. There are also some small design improvements, such as a redesign for the quick actions. This happens when you tap and hold a message; you will notice that the action is a bit different.

Upcoming features

We might receive a Dark Mode for WhatsApp in the future. This has not been confirmed officially yet, and it is not listed in the current public releases. Nonetheless, WABetaInfo showed us some screenshots of the rumoured Dark Mode. The screenshot also revealed a chat with “WBI”, with the message “As always, in future. It’s not publicly available yet. Be patient.”

This mode won’t be just an aesthetical choice, and users that have a device with an OLED display will actually benefit from it. Using a dark screen will help your handset use less power because using black pixels means that they do not have to be lit. Therefore, those who want to preserve their battery life will be glad to receive this new mode. At this moment we have no details about the release date of the Dark Mode for WhatsApp.

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