WhatsApp : Hide last seen, status, profile pics and free voice calls

Facebook recently acquired WhatsApp for $19 billion, and from that point, WhatsApp is always in the news because of one or the other reason. Recently, WhatsApp had a server failure on Feb 23, 2014, for approx. 200 minutes. With this, there has been an official release of a new version of WhatsApp providing much greater facilities.

The popularity of WhatsApp has grown at a tremendously high rate, that without selling any advertisements, it was able to generate a revenue of more than $200 billion in the year 2013. As Facebook acquired WhatsApp, people expect from Mark Zuckerberg  that he would ensure the motto of WhatsApp to connect the world without any advertisements.

WhatsApp - Hide last seen, profile pics, status messages and free voice calls

WhatsApp – Hide last seen, profile pics, status messages, and free voice calls

The new version of WhatsApp provide updates like hiding your “last seen” activity, Profile Pictures and status messages from strangers and from specific people as well. You can get this latest version from download section of the official site of WhatsApp : www.whatsapp.com/download

These updates were really needed by most of the users as this was a kind of “flaw” as if anyone knows your number, he could easily see your updates, profile pics and last seen, without letting you know, and you had no control over who can access your last seen which provided many problems. While this was not the problem in any “Pin Based” messengers like BBM.

Facebook, on acquiring WhatsApp is constantly working to make it much better by introducing new features. On February 24, 2014 , at Mobile Congress World Fair which was held in Barcelona, CEO of WhatsApp, Jan Koum told that they want people to stay connected affordable, and are working hard to introduce new features too.

Sources reveal that WhatsApp would soon be providing free voice calls to more than forty-five million users, it has, which would be definitely providing tough competition to similar apps like Line, Viber, WeChat etc.

But we think this service would not be supported by many telecom companies as they would reduce their revenues by much greater extent.

WhatsApp would be able to provide this free call service later this year, and the development phase for this update would begin in April.

So, what are you waiting for?

Just grab the latest version of WhatsApp to get all the latest features to hide your last seen, profile pics, status messages, and free voice calls, as this would ensure better privacy with our highly trusted , user-friendly social messaging application.

We hope, WhatsApp would soon bring in the latest free voice calling feature and we would cover it that too.