WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger Fusion – A Powerfull Messaging Platform

WhatsApps is among the most popular messaging apps for years. It’s a cross-platform mobile messaging application used by millions of people worldwide. In 2014, Facebook acquired WhatsApp for US $20 billion and it was the biggest the biggest acquisition value in the technology world.

The Fusion Between WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger Will Get A Powerfull Messaging Platform

This year, the number of people who use WhatsApp has reached 1 billion and it is constantly increasing, especially after Facebook as the owner made the service free. Previously, the users had to pay $1 per year for the app. WhatsApp became the most used messaging app which is an amazing achievement. However, it needs the further development.

It’s Effective But Also Limited

The focus is still on the mobile messaging services. The company adopted this idea to make the usage simple. WhatsApp is linked to a phone number so the users don’t need to log-in and enter the password every time they want to use the app. It’s an interesting idea. This is also the reason why this app is not available for the non-mobile platforms.

The idea was so effective at that time, but after a while, it became a limitation for the app to reach the desktop and tablet platforms.

The App Needs To Reach All Platforms

When it comes to desktop platform, they only rely on the WhatsApp web and native desktop application for Mac and Windows as the app’s companions. The WhatsApp web and application are synced with our mobile phone. Both, WhatsApp web and desktop app are the extensions of the mobile device – they mirror the chats from a smartphone.

The Fusion Between WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger Will Get A Powerfull Messaging Platform

But, imagine if your smartphone is lost and you need to contact someone through WhatsApp. It is impossible for you to access it without a smartphone. You cannot log-in to the app on any device like you can do when using Skype. With the additional log-in system alongside the current default system, this problem would be solved.

WhatsApp needs a further development, so it can be accessed on any platforms.

The Fusion Of Both Platforms

As the owner of WhatsApp, Facebook can fuse both messaging platforms into one. The merge of both would create a powerful messaging app in the future. As we know, the Messenger use the log-in system so the users can access it on any device. It can patch up a WhatsApp flaw. So, people would be able to access it by using their phone or log-in with their Facebook account. The new log-in system could significantly increase the number of users.

WhatsApp or Messenger?

It is important to choose the name for the fusion platform carefully to avoid the confusion among the users. Both, Facebook Messanger and WhatsApp have their own market, so maybe the perfect name would be “WhatsApp Messenger”, the combination of both.

The Fusion Between WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger Will Get A Powerfull Messaging Platform

A Powerful Messaging Platform

Supported by Facebook, WhatsApp can change and it can become a powerful communication solution. They will not only rely on chat, but also the things related to the future messaging platform, such as collaboration tool, meeting room, bots, enterprise communication solution, and more.

Are you a WhatsApp user? What feature do you think should be provided on this messaging app?