WhatsApp Blocks The Telegram Link

Secretly, WhatsApp blocked the Telegram link. Both are the messaging apps, which compete with each other. WhatsApp has more users, while Telegram is well-known for its encryption security. All links that have Telegram address on it, cannot be clicked on WhatsApp chat. That hyperlink will become a normal text. It happens on WhatsApp new version 2.12.367.

We are not sure yet, does WhatsApp intentionally do that or it’s only the error of filter made by WhatsApp to prevent the malware or spam. The Telegram said:

“Typically after a media backlash, FB steps back and blames their intelligent filtering for the problem,” a Telegram spokesperson said. “We expect the same to happen this time as well.”

Source: theverge

Source: theverge

At this moment, WhatsApp is under the command of Facebook as the acquiring company. Facebook acquired WhatsApp for 20 billion dollars, the most expensive acquisition for a messaging app. This is the first major link block on WhatsApp and there is no official statement from Facebook about this so far.

Actually, about the blocking issue, Facebook has done the same thing in 2010. Facebook faced criticism for blocking Pirate Bay links in the newly unveiled messaging system.


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