WhatsApp Adding More Features in the iOS Beta Version; Group Invitation Included

WhatsApp has been busy making a lot of changes and adding features within the app. The latest to be added is the Group Invitation feature. These are now being tried out in the beta version of the app both for the iOS and the Android run devices. Only users having an App Store version of the beta app can enjoy these changes. In due course, many of these changes may be stabilized and added to the regular version with universal application.

Group Invitation Work in Process

On the Group Invitation feature in the WhatsApp chat window, some development work is still happening and will start appearing as soon as the module is ready to be uploaded. There have been images of the feature available on the iOS Beta program based WhatsApp. Users could ask for a push notification to be sent to them as soon as the feature is added so that you can start using it.

Some users on WhatsApp have been demanding this feature of extending an invitation to groups to join chats and Apple seems to have listened at last. Users of WhatsApp Messenger and WhatsApp Business will also be permitted to have this feature activated.

Use the Options in Settings to Avail the Feature

To have the feature on your device, you have to go to Settings within WhatsApp by tapping on the vertically placed dots on the right top corner. The next three steps are Account >> Privacy >> Groups. You can choose from the different options available on the screen. While going deeper, you can tap on Groups to see ‘WHO CAN ADD ME TO GROUPS’ with the options, Everyone, My Contacts and Nobody. By choosing the first option you are letting anyone add you without having to send an invite. If you choose the Nobody option, then you will be asked every time if you wish to join. A 72-hour window is being provided to accept or decline the invite.

It is once again being confirmed that this facility is yet to be made live. Some development work is still to be completed.

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