What’s New In Pokemon Go Halloween Update

What’s New In Pokemon Go Halloween Update

Were you a great fan of Pokemon Go once and now tired of the game or you still enjoy playing it? Well, good news for you as we have already entered the big seasonal event week, Halloween, which is all set to offer us some interesting activities in the game. Niantic has planned something really cool for the fans of Pokemon Go and has served so many things to the table. Huge bonuses are associated with each activity in this game and this has already started on October 26 that will go on until November 1st (Monday). Fans are eager to know what this Pokemon Go Halloween update contains. The updates are outlined below.

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 Pokemon Go Halloween update


Opportunity to earn more candy:

The main aim of Pokemon Go players is to earn as many candies as possible so as to level up Pokemon in the game. This Halloween update will allow you to earn huge amount of candies easily in every activity of the game. Whatever you do catch, hatch or transfer Pokemon, the number of earned candies gets doubled, this is stated here in more detail.

  • Catching Pokemon will now let you earn double candy, that is you will earn 6 instead of 3 during this Halloween week.
  • For transferring Pokemon, the candy earned will be 2 that is normally 1 in the game.
  • Egg hatching is the top of all through which you can get the game to a great level by earning as many candies as you can. For 2km egg, the candy earned will be 20, for 5km egg-candy earned will be 40 and it will be 60 for 10km egg.

In other words, the number of candy earned is doubled during this Halloween week.


The buddy Pokemon gets 4 times more effective:

The second interesting update you can enjoy the game in this seasonal week is the huge bonuses offer in the buddy system. The buddy Pokemon is all about selecting a Pokemon as a buddy of yours and as you walk around that buddy, you will be able to earn their kind of candy. The recent update has actually divided the distance you are required to travel with your buddy by 4 which indicates a great opportunity to earn more candies in less time.

While the normal game requires a distance of 1, 3 and 5km tiers, this is now dropped to 0.25km, 0.75km and 1.25km respectively.


Inclusion of scarier Pokemon:

The Halloween week will make the scary Pokemon appearing more frequently. That Spooky theme is no doubt present while the Niantic has amplified the spawn rate of some specific Pokemon such as Gengar, Ghastly, Haunter, Hypno, Drowzee, Zubat, and Golbat. Also, Cubone, Meowth, and Marowak are included in the list as well. However, this list is not made by Niantic officially rather players have claimed to see more of these in this Halloween week. So, obviously, this is a great chance to see Gengar which is rarely seen in the game.


These are the main things you will enjoy in Pokemon Go Halloween update. This is really very interesting and much more than what we expected. In case you have lost interest in the game by now, this is a great update that will bring back you to the game again with the said activities to enjoy. So, utilize this Halloween week and reach to that level that you could never think of reaching.

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