What Oculus Go is Doing Right on the Market and What it Needs to Improve?

What Oculus Go is Doing Right on the Market and What it Needs to Improve?

The big problem with VR that made people not want to jump in and buy a headset is that it was initially marketed as the next big thing for gaming but it turned out to be a very restricted market that only a small number of people would be constantly interested in.

Now, this may all change since Facebook has just launched Oculus Go. Virtual reality may finally have a chance with this headset. Today we will be discussing the problem that one usually encounters when buying a headset such as this, what Oculus Go does right and what it can do even better if there are going to be improvements.

It is too expensive

The biggest problem that people find if they may want to buy a virtual reality headset is that they are purely too expensive. If a device is too expensive for the target audience that you are trying to market to then you can most certainly expect people to leave the device on the shelf and spend their money on something that they consider is more useful.
No matter if you try and market the product to kids to get them excited, parents will still not want to buy it just because they may be guilt tripped. Sometimes nothing can trick people into spending too much for something that they think will not be used more than a couple of times. However, Oculus Go does change that since it is the first affordable VR headset on the market, for a retail price of 200 dollars.

Oculus Go is easy to use

The problem with most VR headsets is that they are too tricky to be used comfortably. You usually have to use the headset which is connected to a cable which is connected to another cable that you have to plug in. Does that sound tedious to you? Because it does sound like that to us. Oculus Go does not have any of these tricky extra cables, you can just charge it up and then place in on your head, relaxing and enjoying the reality that you see before your eyes.

Another big thing that makes Oculus Go more appealing is that you can wear glasses with it, and you can even order special lenses that will adapt the image to your site so you do not see things either distorted or too blurry when trying to use it.


The thing with VR is that only science geeks are into it. Yes, there are VR headsets out there that allow third-party porn apps be used on them but if you thought about this at any point during the article then we are sorry to tell you that you cannot do that with Oculus Go, it does not allow it.

More comfortable than you know

The thing with Oculus Go is that it fixes some of the problems that made VR headsets not as comfortable as we have previously thought. For instance, some people were complaining that the top strap that can be found on most VR headsets was uncomfortable and Oculus Go fixes that by making it detachable. It is also made to be comfortable since the parts that are meant to touch your face are lined with a soft fabric to be sure that you will not bruise your skin in any way.

Now, when it comes to the sound and the video quality of this headset we do have a number of things to say. Yes, there are better headsets out there that have a better surround system and offer more when it comes to the quality of the images that you see but we cannot say that what Oculus Go gives you is below average. We believe that this is enough to draw people in and use it. The sound as well could be improved but for the price of the gadget, we cannot complain.

Watch a movie in peace

Most people have said that they would want to use a VR headset just to escape a bit from the monotony of everyday life and just relax. Now, with Oculus Go you can do just that since the device lets you stream videos from Hulu, Netflix, and even Youtube. Sadly, you only have 2 hours of battery time if you are planning on watching a movie and one and a half hours if you want to play a game. Moreover, you can only use this headset while sitting down since it will not adapt to you moving around in your room but we do not think that this is such a big problem.

Our main concern

Now, since we were so happy about what Oculus Go can change in the VR community we are afraid of what Facebook can do. In the past, we have seen the company struggle with privacy and data confidentiality issues so we are wondering if such an episode could be happening for the headset as well. So far we do not think that this is very likely but it is always best to be prepared rather than have to deal with the consequences later on.

In the end, we believe that Oculus Go could be a worthy gift that will let the user enjoy some peace and quiet in the comfort of his or her own home.



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