What is to be Expected from the New iPhones at Apple’s ‘Gather round’ Event?

What is to be Expected from the New iPhones at Apple’s ‘Gather round’ Event?

September 12th is drawing nearer, and along with it so does Apple’s event. With every day that passes we start hearing about more rumors and leaks regarding the 2018 iPhone devices. Here’s what we know so far.

At first, there have been leaks regarding the design and the name of the new flagship smartphone. The finished design has been shown to us through various photos and the names have been chosen as ‘iPhone XS’ for the normal-sized model and ‘iPhone XS Plus’ for the larger iPhone.

One of the biggest changes from the norm would probably be the choice of color for the new iPhone XS models. Apparently, they will come in a new Gold option, which has even the stainless steel band painted in gold. EverythingApplePro is responsible for sharing this piece of information.

The iPhone XS isn’t the only one to be featured in gold because another leakage showed us that the new Series 4 Apple Watch will also boast a matching gold stainless steel frame. Other persistent rumors talked about Apple releasing not one, but 3 iPhones which will be officially launched on September 12th.

Various leaks have shown how the three panels for the devices would look like. Ming-Chi Kuo, a respected analyst, has put together a chart which showcases all three iPhones and it also provides some technical details about them. He predicted that the medium-sized model, which will also be a budget option, will feature an LCD display instead of an OLED one, like the other two will have.

Also, we should expect that its provided resolution will be lower as well, although all three will share the same type of processor, the A12. While the OLED iPhones will come with 4 Gb of RAM, the budget-friendly iPhone will have only 3 Gb.

A supplier report by Lumentum showed that Apple performed multiple orders for TrueDepth camera system modules, which backs up the rumors that these next three iPhones will all come with FaceID features for authentication. In order to make the budget model, Apple had to downgrade it a bit.

iPhone 9

What is dubbed as the ‘iPhone 9’ will apparently have only one 12 MP camera, its Wi-fi tech will be slower, its battery smaller and it will have an aluminum frame. The 7-nanometer A12 processors used by Apple began to be mass produced by TSMC back in May. As opposed to what might be said in the leaked benchmarks, the change from the A11 Bionic processor, which is built using a 10-nanometer process, should be able of offering more performance.

The model with the medium size, 6.1 inches, may be available with a more range of colors than the 5.8-inch and 6.5-inch OLED models. Trendforce, a respected analytics firm is of the opinion that the new 2018 iPhone devices will come with Apple Pencil support included, although Mr Ming-Chi Kuo doesn’t feel the same and people tend to listen to him.

What we do know is that these next three models will come with the ability to be wirelessly charged. The rumor regarding this fact is that Apple might be using a different material for the Qi charging coil which will make it able to provide faster charging.

Analysts don’t believe that Apple will deliver the lightning to headphone jack adapter with the 2018 models, based on what Apple’s adapter supplier Cirrus Logic. However, these new iPhones might feature an updated 18 W USB-C fast-charging adapter which will make it a great upgrade, considering that, right now, even the iPhone X ships with an incredibly weak 5 W power adapter.

Apple’s Connector

Other reports speak about Apple’s wish to switch to a new connector, possibly USB-C, sometime in the future but it is unlikely that we will see this change with this year’s lineup. Currently, the iPhone X doesn’t support landscape interfaces so that’s why Apple might have made the 6.5-inch iPhone X Plus model capable of supporting landscape mode.

Changes will also be made to the iOS 12 which will fix a lot of problems for iPhone X’s users. For example, a lot of people complained about the phone taking screenshots while the screen was off. The iOS 12 will make sure that this will happen only when you would like it to happen.



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