What is Republic Wireless?

Founded in January 2010 by David Morken Republic Wireless is one of the cheapest cell service providers in America. The entire system is designed to use Wi-Fi connections by default but it can also automatically switch to cellular networks in case the Wi-Fi connections fail. The network is so efficient such that if the Wi-Fi connection fails in the middle of your call the system switches to the available cellular networks without dropping your call.

The cellular networks that have partnered with Republic are by far two of the best 4G LTE (Long Term Evolution) networks so you can be confident they provide the best coverage in the region.

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 Subscription plans

The network offers some of the best deals any customer would want. The cheapest plan available is the monthly subscription of $15 for unlimited text and call. Isn’t that too good to be true? By my calculations, you will be spending roughly $150 annually. Compared to the rates offered by other cell phone service carriers I would say that is a very good deal.

They also have unlimited talk and text plus 1G data at $25 per month and 2G data plus unlimited talk and text at $25 per month.

What makes it even better is that the providers offer a free 2 -month trial when you subscribe to the network’s yearly subscription plan. It also offers a risk-free trial to customers so in the event that a customer is not impressed with the services being offered a refund is made immediately.

Subscriptions are also not based on contracts so you can terminate your membership anytime you want. Customers who have tried this service are said to have saved more than $30 in a month compared to when they were using their previous carrier.


With two of America’s largest cellular network providers at its backing, it offers the best coverage nationwide. The coverage is well optimized so you are able to use the services from whichever place you are provided that you are within the coverage area. Based on your location you can experience up to 99% coverage giving you access to high internet speed.

This means that you can make video calls without having any interference with the network. And if you are a person who likes watching videos online you will be able to watch your videos smoothly without them buffering from time to time.

Compatible phones

Unfortunately, the network does not work on just any phone. For you to access the services you must have a phone that is compatible with the network operations. So how can you tell if your phone is compatible or not? The service providers have an optimized search box on their website that can help you know if your phone is compatible with the SIM card Kit. All you have to do is fill in the brand and model of your phone in the search box, press “Go” and let the system do the rest.

Some of the phones that are compatible with this network include: LG K30, Samsung Galaxy S10e, Motorola moto g⁷ play, those are just but a few.

If you have enough money you can as well purchase the high-quality phones that the service providers have in their online store.

Customer Support

Unlike most carriers, you will never be put on hold by customer support. The service offers an all-around customer service that ensures customer satisfaction is met. In addition to having trained customer experts, customers are also able to get answers to their questions from the large member community and also through various publications that are available on their website.

As you have seen this is a network provider that is worth giving a try. Their plans are very affordable so their customers are probably saving a lot of money every year simply by subscribing to the services.

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