What is Amazon Prime Student?

Amazon Prime is a subscription-based program for the Amazon users to reap extra benefits such as free delivery, access to prime video and music, special discounts on products—after paying for the membership, of course. Amazon Prime Student is developed by Amazon especially for students. It gives far more benefits, some of which are not available to usual Prime members but only for students.

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Benefits of Prime Student membership:

Trial Period and Price

Amazon Prime offers a free 30-day trial while the Prime Student members get the privilege of using it for six months without having to pay even a dime. Not 30 but 180 days of free stuff and that creates a big difference. After six months, Prime Student members become eligible to join Amazon Prime at half the price of regular Prime membership.

Free Delivery

Whether you select two-day shipping, same-day shipping or the two-hour shipping (Prime Now only), the product would be delivered to you without any shipping charges.

Free Photo Storage

Only Prime Student members get the perk of free unlimited storage for photos. It lets you store as many photos as you want without any inconvenience. This benefit is in shareable content with up to five family members or friends at no hidden cost.

Special Discount and Deals

Prime membership offers a special discount on millions of items, which otherwise is not available to regular Amazon users. Moreover, Prime Student members get the best deal and more discount on items that come under the student category. For instance, bags, laptops, video games, etc.

Access to Prime Videos

Prime Members are able to watch unlimited movies, TV shows, and videos on any device. The best part is that all these videos are downloadable not within the app but on the device itself so that it can be watched effortlessly without the internet.

Access to Prime Reading

Prime Reading provides free access to a wide range of books, magazines, comics, etc. Selected Kindle Singles are also added to the library for the Prime Readers.

Access to Audible

Audible offers audio series including books, shows, podcasts, articles, news, and other stuff. Audible is an Amazon company that charges on a monthly basis, but Prime members get this access for free.

Early Access to Deals

The deals that are accessible to all the users are first available only to the Prime members. Only after a particular time, the deals are available to regular customers. So that is a benefit for Prime members.

A couple of the above benefits are restricted only to the Prime Student members while the others are open to regular Prime members as well. However, there are certain conditions meant to be satisfied in order to receive the benefits of Prime Student membership.

Amazon Prime Student


  • The member must be a student at college located in the USA and not outside. And, the student has to be enrolled in at least one course. So, a student from countries other than The US cannot be a Prime Student member.
  • You must have proof of your enrolment that you can provide on request by Amazon.
  • You must have an email address with the domain suffix .edu.

The most crucial tip to keep in memory is that you should not try applying for the membership of Prime Student if you can’t meet all the conditions stated above. Because if you fail to provide the valid documents requested, you may have to repay the amount for the benefits you received since they send a request for the documents straight away on the sign-up.

So, apply only if you’re eligible.

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