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What Does the New Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.5 Has in Store for Us?

Not long ago, the S4 has been officially announced. While this one is the high-end model, we are going to focus on the more budget-friendly device which was also recently announced, the Samsung Galaxy Tab A. At first, the Galaxy Tab A looks similar to the S4, especially because of the size and overall design.

However, if you were to look carefully, you would notice that the Tab A is thicker and heavier than the other one, while also being slightly narrower even though they both measure 10.5 inches. It provides decent quality, 1200 pixels, although the display consists of a TFT LCD which is different from the S4’s AMOLED.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A Specs

The Tab A packs a fair amount of power and with a Snapdragon 450 processor and 3GB of RAM, it won’t make you frustrated with slow working. Another feature that is worthy of being read is the rear camera. While it comes with only 8 megapixels, it will do the job. The front camera has 5 megapixels which is similar to the older tablets from Samsung.

In terms of audio, you will benefit from something better than average, thanks to four speakers that pack the Dolby Atmos quality. There is no fingerprint sensor present, which to some of you might be a deal breaker. The Tab A features Android Oreo (or 8.1) which isn’t bad at all, considering its price.

Budget Tablet

This budget-friendly tablet which Samsung has just announced will be available in three different colors, blue, black and white. There will be two variants available, Wi-Fi and LTE and although the official price hasn’t been announced yet, you can surely expect it to be quite a bit cheaper than the Galaxy Tab S4, which is the high-end model and it costs 650$.

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