What does iPhone XS stand for? This is the iPhone’s 2018 naming blunder

What does iPhone XS stand for? This is the iPhone’s 2018 naming blunder

Last September, Apple announced the new iPhone X and it kind of painted itself into a corner. Having already released two eights (the iPhone 8 and its larger brother, the iPhone 8 Plus) and a ten, it seemed that the iPhone 9 was passed over and that Apple had switched to use the Roman numbering system to identify what it had on its table.

iPhone XS Rumors

Now, the rumors state that there will be three new iPhones released in 2018 and the big event is set to take place on the 12th of September. People talk about three models with different sizes but they will share the same Face ID feature that is currently being used with the iPhone X. How will Apple make distinctions between the three devices?

There are countless possibilities. Last year marked the end of the S cycle for Apple. It used to be that every even year iPhones saw a major upgrade which was often paired with a physical redesign. Odd years, however, had iPhones getting internal updates and the suffix ’S’. If it stuck to its own rule, Apple would have named the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus like this: iPhone 7S and iPhone 7S Plus.

Instead, the American smartphone manufacturer chose to skip a number. Things were taken even further with the iPhone X. Its radical redesign also had the device leaping two more numbers up the scale, so number 9 was pulled aside and forgotten.

There are rumors that speak of Apple returning to the S update once again. The ’successor’ to the iPhone X could be represented by three models, in fact. This includes a smaller one which measures only 5.8 inches and a 6.5-inch OLED-screen one, both of them being called iPhone XS.

Guillherme Rambo reported through 9to5Mac a finished photo of how the new smartphones will look like and it acts as a confirmation of the chosen color as well. We can see the follow-up to the 5.8-inch iPhone X and a new model which seems supersized (6.5 inches).

Its specifications aren’t completely new to us and neither is the gold color touch it features as Apple has previously tested it, without launching it, on the iPhone X. Both models can be seen boasting a notch, a fact which we might have missed because there chosen wallpaper can make it hard to tell.

Bloomberg previously reported that Apple “has also weighed eschewing the ‘Plus’ label for the larger model” which is another direction which the American company can follow. A favorite name among those that feed the internet with rumors is represented by the ‘iPhone X Plus’.

The new 2018 5.8-inch iPhone could replace the iPhone X, not just as the new sheriff in town but by taking its name as well, especially if the rumors are true about pulling the 2017 smartphone off the shelves. However, this would leave the bigger iPhone model without a name. Some pundits had dubbed it the iPhone 9, expecting it to be the low-end product of the bunch.

iPhone 2018 LCD Display

Seemingly, it will feature an LCD display, instead of OLED, a single camera in the rear and other such compromises for the budget. Still, naming something ‘iPhone X Light’ or anything of the sort is completely uncharacteristic of Apple, so we are left guessing.

Apple could arrive at the decision that naming every future phone that features the Face ID characteristic as another ‘iPhone X’ is the best one, leading users to differentiate them only by screen size. Based on these rumors, this would mean that we’d be looking at the 3 different iPhone Xs differentiated only by size.

You might wonder why would Apple change its course and start changing the names of its devices around the iPhone X? Well, to put it simply, the company is following on success. The iPhone X meant to reinvent the existing brand. It radically redesigned things, shifting to no home button and a new 3D camera in the front to unlock the phone instead. This drastic change, although it brought a higher price as well, encouraged people to buy a lot of such devices.



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