What Differentiates iPhone XR From This Year’s Releases?

What Differentiates iPhone XR From This Year’s Releases?

The new series of iPhones has been officially unleashed and some user may believe that the iPhone market is on the road to become fragmented. With three iPhones to choose from, we can safely assume that a triple release will become the norm.

Once upon a time, the Apple creed was that the iPhone should be a one-in-all device. That creed was broken in 2014 when the iPhone 6 Plus accompanied the iPhone 6, offering the same beloved device in two size options, depending on the preference of the users.

Since 2014 a double release became expected, as users were interested in buying a bigger or smaller iPhone, depending on their needs. The iPhone SE was a fresh of breath air and at the same time a test in order to see if 4-inch iPhones are still wanted. But none of them could be considered ‘’the iPhone’’. Even the iPhone X, which was clearly made to be superior in comparison to the iPhone X, was too expensive for the masses.

iPhone XR Update

This is why some users believed that the new iPhones will end up puzzling the users even more. While this may be true, a significant segment of users already know what they want because of the iPhone X.

When the XR arrives in stores, later in October, it will become ‘’the iPhone’’ that some have been expecting for many years. It brings powerful features, the premium Apple quality and the latest technologies for a price of $749, which renders it affordable for most of the Apple customers. In a way, the XR is a spiritual successor of the iPhone 5C, the last iPhone made for everyone.

iPhone 5C

iPhone 5C was not a complete failure, but the main reason for its downfall is easy to spot. The tech inside was old in less than a year, a sin that has kneeled many devices that were aiming for the mid-range smartphone segment. With the XR the things have changed. It sports the same A12 Bionic Processor found on its bigger brothers. The LCD screen may not be as impressive as the OLED version but Liquid Retina Display manages to offer vibrant colors, which are more than enough for binge-watching your favorite series on Netflix comfortably.

The aluminum finish is beautiful. While 3D Touch is absent, it will not be missed by many customers. The battery has also been improved, with impressive numbers such as 16 hours of video playback (wink, previously mentioned Netflix binge, wing). It also features a fast charge protocol, allowing the battery to reach 50% after only 30 minutes.

The single-sensor camera does not feel like a downgrade of the dual-sensor aperture found in the XS and Max, since it comes packed with the all the software updates. The quality of the pictures taken with the XR in portrait mode is amazing, and it can compete confidently in the market.

The edge-to-edge design remains beautiful. A TrueDepth camera allows the use of Face ID and Memojis, which continues to blur the lines between the devices. 3 additional choices of color add a little diversity, but unless you like a clear silicon case, they will remain hidden in the case of your choice.

Screen-size may be a big turn-off for some customers and at 6.1-inch the device is larger than the iPhone X. The difference is not that huge, and with the trend of big screens still strong, it seems they will become even bigger in the future. Many users may like a big screen but they want to fit the device into their pocket, a feat that becomes harder with each smartphone generation.

To the disappointment of some, yes a memory card slot is absent (and in order to keep the device secure and keep jailbreaking complicated it will never be featured on an iPhone) but three memory sizes are available, starting at 64 GB, so you will have plenty of space for those sweet selfies, and the maximum size is 256 GB, which should offer enough space even for those that enjoy several games on the go.

It remains to be seen how many people will buy the iPhone XR, but it set to make an impact on the market and many customers seem eager to embrace it.



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