What Could Apple Announce on September 12? Here’s What We Know

We can say that we officially entered Apple season. The American company has started to send invites for the September 12th event which will be held at the Steve Jobs Theater from Cupertino, California. It will be just the second time that such an event took place there. Naturally, the headline is hijacked by the new iPhones but don’t think that this is it because the other Apple products need a refresh as well.

The main thing would be the release of a trio of iPhones sometime next month. They include a larger version, called the iPhone X Plus and a budget-friendly option which will come with lower specs at a reduced price, like a single rear camera or an LCD screen. Of course, we will see a sequel to the iPhone X, measuring 5.8 inches.

Apple Watch 4

Next, we expect to see the Apple Watch 4, as Google and Samsung are burning serious fuel in the smartwatch competition. It is possible to see a bigger display and maybe some click-free buttons. They would represent a major redesign, maybe the biggest one since the first model was released back in 2015.

The iPad Pro might get an update as well. In March Apple released the latest model which came with Pencil support and a faster processor. Now, the company might look to justify the Pro’s price by refurbishing it in a major way.

Macs and MacBooks will be the other major headliners. We might see the MacBook Air that features a Retina Display which we have been expected for quite a while. Then, new Macs that feature Intel’s eight generation processors might make an appearance as well as a new Mac Mini. This latest mini-computer might come configured for pro users and it will be an update wanted since 2014.

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