What Can I Buy With Bitcoin?

More people are getting interested in Bitcoin. It uses a peer-to-peer system (P2P) without a single administrator,

More people are getting interested in Bitcoin. It uses a peer-to-peer system (P2P) without a single administrator, like a Bank. It s also called decentralized digital money. This way, Bitcoin makes the transferring or transaction between countries much easier and more private. You don’t need to reveal your identity to own or use it. You make a transaction anonymously. That’s why many people are interested in this digital currency. What can I buy with Bitcoin? Can I use it for buying something on the global e-commerces?

What Can I Buy With Bitcoin?

Online Shop

Can I use Bitcoin for online shopping? Yes, you can. Though Amazon refuses to accept cryptocurrency as payment, there is another way to spend your Bitcoin to buy things here. You can use digital gift cards to purchase the products on Amazon or through the lightning network, like Moon extension. Moon is a crypto payment processing company that will accept payment from any lightning-enabled wallet, including Bitcoin. The other online merchants where you can spend your BTC are Overstock.com. Etsy, Shopify, Newegg.com.

Video Games and Movies

Gamers can use Bitcoin to buy games and videos. Some game platforms like Coinmall, Humble Bundle, Big Fish Games, BitPlaza, Green Man Gaming, and Zynga allow you to pay with Bitcoin. Even the leader game-selling platforms like Xbox, PlayStation Network, and Microsoft now accept digital currency as a payment. In those places, you can buy games and other redeemable gift cards or pay for subscriptions.


From VPN, newspaper subscription, to online dating services accepts BTC which stands for Bitcoin – as a payment method. Here are some of them.

  1. Dish.com — Satelite TV service provider
  2. ExpressVPN.com
  3. PureVPN.com
  4. Teamtreehouse.com — online education
  5. Bloomberg.com
  6. Chicago.suntimes.com
  7. WordPress
  8. Reddit
  9. OKcupid.com — online dating website


You can buy flights and hotel services using digital currency, like BTC. These are some platforms where you can book the services you dream of.

  1. Expedia.com
  2. Cheapair.com
  3. Airbaltic.com
  4.  Bitcoin. travel
  5. Virgingalactic.com
  6. Webjet.com.au
  7. Travelforcoins.com

Charity and Donation

Doing charity with bitcoin is a perfect way to contribute your donation because it provides anonymous features and fee-less. Moreover, Bitcoin is accessible worldwide and works 24 hours a day. There are some websites you can visit to donate your bitcoin.

  1. SaveTheChildren.com
  2. HumanRights.foundation
  3. Wikileaks.org

For more websites that accept bitcoins as donations, you can visit the following or visit this website.


Pizzaforcoins.com is a platform where you can order a pizza in California and Bitcoin in exchange. The pizza man will deliver the pizza right to the door where you live. Some other restaurants that allow you to pay with bitcoin are KFC Canada, Old Fitzroy in Sydney, Bees Bros, and Burger Bear in London.

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