What are nat type a, nat type b, and other Nat types on Nintendo switch?

Nintendo Switch is among the most popular gaming consoles because you can play your favorite games not only at your home but on the go as well. It also allows you to play multiplayer games. In addition, you can join lobbies and use voice chat to talk with other players. However, if you are having issues with any of this, the reason could be the internet connection and the network’s Nat type. Here, we are going to explain what Nat type A, Nat type B, and other Nat types are, and we are also going to show you how to determine the Nat type.

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Nat stands for Network Address Translation. In order to communicate with each other, all of the devices on the web must have an IP address and the internet service provider gives one IP address for its customers. Now, you have multiple devices connected to the Internet, and your router must provide the IP address for each device that is connected to your Wi-Fi network.

When it comes to Nintendo Switch, there are several Nat types, ranging from Type A to Type F. If your Nintendo Switch has a Nat Type A or Nat Type B, it means that is connected properly to the network, and there should be no issues. If the console has some other Nat type, it means there is some sort of issue due to which your console can’t communicate with other devices properly.

To determine the Nat type on your Nintendo Switch, go to System Settings > Internet > Test Connection and look what is showing next to Nat Type.

Issues for Nat Type A and B could be solved with a reboot, but for the other Nat types, router settings should be changed and altered so the blockage may go away. The best way to figure out how to configure your router, refer to its manual.