What Apple’s IMessage Can Do WhatsApp Can Do Too

You iPhone users out there are familiar with the emojis you get to use on your phones when sending out messages on your iMessage service. Now Android users too will get the facility to use stickers on the WhatsApp messages they send. The stickers from WhatsApp will be available to iPhone users as well when they send messages on WhatsApp. The Facebook-owned messaging service is expected to send out the updates to enable this feature anytime soon.

Instructions to Use Stickers Already on FAQ Pages of WhatsApp

If you visit the page and go to the pages that carry the answers for both Android and iOS users, you can find under chats, the entry ‘Using stickers’ and you will find the step-by-step instructions on how to download the emojis and use them while sending messages. The obvious inference is that these stickers will be made available on the Play Store for download. The instructions include extra options to create your own list of favorite stickers and when needed, remove the ones you don’t like or are unlikely to use.

Whatsapp Get more stickers

Third Party Developers to Supply More Stickers

One interesting observation from the FAQ articles for Android users is that it says if you are not happy with the stickers made available and wish to explore more, you can do so. There is a plus icon tapping on which you will see an entry “ALL STICKERS” and from there you can tap on “GET MORE STICKERS”. This will take you back to the Google Play Store and you may find more apps there with stickers. This means Google has commissioned developers to work on this independently.

WhatsApp Stickers

Early Activation Expected

Though none of these sources indicates when WhatsApp plans to introduce the stickers feature, you can easily make out that they are ready with the setup and it would only be a matter of time before the update reaches your phones. They may decide to do it in stages with the customers in the US and North America getting it first and then taken to the other continents as well. There may be more such new features added on to your WhatsApp messaging experience in the weeks and months to come.

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