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Waze New Update Comes to Android Auto

It’s no secret that Google Maps is the most frequently used navigation app in the world, but Waze has different benefits for which its users appreciate it. For example, Uber or Lyft drivers use Waze with Google Maps laid on top of it, but even if they have a smart car that has incorporated Android Auto, they still have to run Waze on their phone and/or tablet. Or at least they had to until recently. Waze finally became fully integrated into Android Auto, which is surely a step forward for both casual and professional drivers from all over the world.

This new addition came via a general Android update that applied itself to Android Auto in this way. And the fact that you can now run Waze and navigate with its help from the comfort of your own smart Android dashboard isn’t the only new thing. Waze for Android Auto also looks different, but in a good way of course. But how? Well, you’ll be surprised, but it’s even easier to use and its interface is even friendlier.

Waze for Android Auto is less cluttered, which means that directions are clearer and the app is overall smoother and easier to use. That’s surely a great improvement that drivers will appreciate. Smart cars with integrated Android Auto support are everywhere nowadays. Few new cars lack this system, in fact. Although drivers of older models of cars can get along just fine with pinning their phone on the windshield phone holder and navigating in this way, if you own a smart car you expect certain things for it. And while Google Maps always does an ok job, Waze is ten times better for driving than it, and any other navigation app for that matter. Let’s face it, when it comes to driving, Waze knows best.

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