Warcraft 3 To Receive A New Patch Tomorrow

A new patch for Diablo 2 was only the beginning, Blizzard now starting to develop updates for Warcraft 3.

Blizzard announced that in addition to a new platform, which will add new functionality to the game, such as a friend list and elements similar to what Battle.net offers, we will get a new patch. Warcraft 3 will move to version 1.27 on March 15. Yes, tomorrow.

It was not yet specified what this new version of the game will include, but it’s very exciting news from the company, which give hope that many other titles of the company will receive as much attention. Blizzard even noted that the process of updating the older games will continue. After all, they now have a division dedicated to their maintenance, even contracting artists in order to remaster the old games.

Who knows, maybe we’ll have support for 1024 x 768 on Diablo 2 in Battle.net or … dare I say, Full HD! Until then, Warcraft 3 remains in the spotlight.

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