WannaCry Has Met Its Match with Wanakiwi

If you’re a Windows user, then you most likely heard about the nasty ransomware that’s been going around and infecting computers. It’s called WannaCry or WannaCrypt, and it infects mostly Windows 7 devices. While many blamed the infection on Windows XP at first, new reports from Kaspersky Labs indicate that Windows 7 is, in fact, the most vulnerable to it, with a whopping total of 98% of infected devices running on it. On the other hand, Microsoft newer OS Windows 10 is running pretty smoothly and hasn’t been affected much by this issue.

The solution might come in the form of a new program devised by French cyber-security experts. It’s called Wanakiwi, and it basically replicates the coding of the original WannCry ransomware in order to cancel it out. Wanakiwi is pretty effective against this particular ransomware, but only if you haven’t rebooted your computer. As you may know, ransomware cannot be removed by booting your computer, and as you can see it only makes it worse.

However, if you’ve been infected by WannaCry and you haven’t rebooted your computer in an attempt to get rid of it, you can give Wanakiwi a try. It will most likely work out just fine. The program can be found on Github as a downloadable .exe file. Once you download it and click on it, it starts taking out the prime numbers in the ransomware’s coding, which makes it fall apart quite easily. It’s a pretty smart program, too bad it only works on un-rebooted devices.

What is more, Wanakiwi was successfully tested on both Windows XP and Windows 7. Even though, as we previously mentioned, Windows XP has not been so widely affected as people initially believed, some devices running on it still face this issue, so it’s good to know it works there as well.

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