Walmart Offering a $50 Discount on Google Home Max; Time to Grab One

If you had plans of investing in a good home speaker, this is the best moment since you can buy the Google Home Max home speaker for just $249, a good $50 off its marked price of $299. This could be a rare non-festival time offer, if you don’t include the Independence Day in the list. Apart from any other consideration, this Google product has enough going for it in terms of its performance to merit a consideration even without this offer. That is one reason the offer sounds sweeter.

Google Excels in Some Departments

Google is among those companies in the technology sector that boasts of a multitude of hardware products in the market. However, it comes out with some special ones that stand out in a crowd, like the camera in their Google Pixel phones. The Google Home Max speaker too should rank high, if stacked against its peers in the market. The company is able to leverage the software technology in its possession to bring some improvements in the functioning of the hardware. Technologies like machine learning and artificial intelligence are being fully exploited towards this end and the Google Home Max is no exception.

The critical part in this device is the ‘smart sound’ feature in it. The feature is able to make an analysis of the space around, the quality of tunes being played from the source and then make the necessary adjustments on its own. This means that the ultimate music being delivered to your ears is of a far superior quality. That is what you expect out of a speaker and Google Home Max delivers it.

An Improvement Upon Google Home

Even if you have a Google Home already, you can think of upgrading to the Google Home Max since you do have some additional features, along with the existing ones. There are the smart home compatibility and voice controls, apart from Google Assistant that helps with your schedule maintenance, tasks and so on.

All these packed into a compact device makes the Google Home Max a good buy @$249.

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