Vodafone Brings in Special Offers for the New Year

Vodafone wants to leave a long lasting mark in Italy and acquire more subscribers in the country. The cellular service provider has been continuously rolling out new offers throughout the year and they have come up with some special discounts for the New Year 2019.

While existing plans continue to be around for subscribers, there are plenty of new ones that you should immediately check out as some of them may expire before the end of January. Each plan has been designed for subscribers who do lots of phone calls or others who rely a lot on the 4G internet connection for their daily work.

Newest Plans from Vodafone

Out of the lot, the 50 Giga special minutes is highlighted as the most popular plan of the lot. It is considered popular because the company would offer a massive amount of 50 gigabytes of 4G internet that users could make use of. Anyone who uses their phone for office work or at home can definitely make use of this plan which starts at 6.99 euros and goes up to 15 euros. Users should pay 7.99 euros for renewal.

Vodafone new plans

Not everyone will be willing to pay more if they are not going to make use of the increased download limit. After all, if you are going to be primarily sending messages on Whatsapp, using Facebook and watching some occasional YouTube videos, a more logical option would be to go for the 20 Giga Special Minutes plan. In this plan, unlimited calling minutes are provided along with 20 GB of internet data at 4G speeds. It costs about 7 to 10 euros from Wind to TIM.

Next on the list is the 30 Giga Special Minutes plan from Passa a Vodafone which is charged at 15 euros per user and finds a middle ground between the above two plans. It is neither too high nor too low in terms of bandwidth while providing the unlimited calls and internet speeds most users would be happy with.

Activating the Plans

The Passa a Vodafone offers all offer unlimited calls and limited internet download limit and these plans can be activated through different means including online, in-store and by calling the call center. The SIM cost is 10 euros for all plans and it works for both Android phones as well as iPhones. The plans sound enticing for 2019 where you can get the amount you need within your budget and can also choose to upgrade whenever required.

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